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Calvary Church GR

Church Leadership & Governance

Calvary church is led by elders and deacons, elected annually by the congregation at an Annual Meeting in September.

Calvary Elders

At Calvary Church, the elders give oversight and direction to the church.They meet monthly to prayerfully consider church direction, policy and discipline. If you have questions about Calvary, you are always welcome to direct them to the elders ( ).

One of their particular joys is praying for the church as a whole and individual members of the congregation. If you would like the elders to pray with you, you are welcome to join them the first Tuesday of every month, 6:15 to 7:15pm, in room 211. You are welcome to come unannounced, but it is helpful if you contact them in advance to be put on their schedule. Contact Cindy Marrell ( ).

2016-2017 Elder Board

Bob Bass

Eric Cerling

Steve Gronsman

Jim Hoekwater

Larry Hulst

Les Lamborn

Doug Lipinski

Dave Oviatt

Steve Rowan

Nate Schmidt

Vernon Spears

Mike Still

Brian Swanton


Jerry Ward



Calvary Deacons

Calvary's Deacons are given the fiscal responsibility for the church, overseeing budgeting and expenditures and also seeking ways to care for members of the congregation in need. They are responsible for the administration of all business matters of the church and function as trustees in legal transactions.

2016-2017 Deacon Board

Steve Bagley

Scott Bowman

Brent Enders

Brian Haskin

Darren Herweyer

Rick Huls

Josh Hulst

Brian Klaver

Paul Koprowski

Jeff Rogers

Jon Rudolph


Kim Velting

Josh Warren

Dan Wiersma

Todd Wilde