Calvary Church GR

Our Staff

Leadership Team

Tom Olsson

Lead Pastor

Jim Samra

Senior Pastor

Celeste McDonough

Mercy & Missions Team Leader

Jim Stortz

Community & Care Team Leader

Don Tuuri

Director of Operations & Security

Chris DeHaan

Executive Assistant

Kristen White

Senior Pastor's Personal Assistant

Adult Ministries

Mason Sherrill

Pastoral Staff, Adult Sunday Classes, Small Groups, Calvary Equip, & Men’s Ministry

Karen VanHolstyn

Assistant Director, Adult Ministries

Courtney Hoekwater

Ministry Assistant, Adult Ministries / Mercy & Hospitality

Calvary Kids

Shelly Lamport

Pastoral Staff, Calvary Kids

Don Hancock

Program Coordinator, Calvary Kids

Elizabeth Thelen

Volunteer Coordinator, Calvary Kids

Sheri Schmidt

Orphan Care

Carla Boon-Julien

Calvary Kids Ministry Assistant

David Prichard

College & Young Adults

Lee Bergakker

Pastoral Staff, College Ministry

Samantha Heetderks

Ministry Assistant


Ken Meines

Director of Facilities

Dave DeGraaf

Tom Eggleston

Preventive Maintenance

Brian Novak

Custodial Supervisor

Jon Nuenke

Custodial Staff

Adot Ajaing

Custodial Staff

Barb Clauson

Custodial Team Leader

Jeramy Jacoby

Custodial Staff

Caleb Marcus

Custodial Staff

Ed Vermurlen

Custodial Staff

Financial Services

Sue Schroeder

Director of Financial Services

Barb Nauta

Assistant Director of Financial Services

Cheri Davis

Accounting Assistant

Susie Saunders

Accounting Assistant

Chris Snedeker

Accounting Assistant

Food Services

Neal Milburn

Lead Cook

Kevin Troupe

Director of Food Services

Bob Gudbrandson

Prep Cook

Denise Winkelman

Event Coordinator/Culinary Team Leader


Jackie Rice

Director of Communications

Mercy & Hospitality

Lee Content

Pastoral Staff, Mercy & Hospitality

Ardo Draper

Pastoral Staff, Prison Ministry

Nam Kim

Pastoral Staff, International Ministries

Sheri Schmidt

Orphan Care

Katy Lambert

Widows' Ministry

Lou DeGraaf

Ministry Assistant & External Benevolence

Courtney Hoekwater

Ministry Assistant, Adult Ministries / Mercy & Hospitality

Missions & Outreach

Bruce Huseby

Pastoral Staff, Global Missions & Senior Adults

Natalie Uecker

Short-Term Missions & Local Outreach

Emily Franklund

Ministry Assistant, Missions & Outreach


Marilyn Lorenz


Valerie Bierlein

Ministry Assistant, Operations

Calvary Care

Dane Bjork

Pastoral Staff, Pastoral Care

Andrea Reiffer

Care & Counseling Coordinator

Lynnell Bok

Benevolent Ministry & Wedding Process Coordinator

Leslie Iverson

Care Coordinator

Josh Warren

Pastoral Staff, Calvary Care

Pastoral Residents

Anthony Adams

Pastoral Resident

Katie DeHaan

Fifth & Sixth Ministry Faciliator and Pastoral Resident

Rodney Velting

Pastoral Resident

Serving & First Impressions

Rebekah Kennedy

Director of Serving & First Impressions

Special Needs

Judi Warner

Director of Special Needs Ministry

Elleen Fitzgerald

Special Needs Adult Facilitator

Pam Cook

Special Needs Youth Facilitator


Josh Karhan

Pastoral Staff, High School

Sara Tindall

Director, Middle School Ministry

Katie DeHaan

Fifth & Sixth Ministry Faciliator and Pastoral Resident

Zach Schmuck

Fifth & Sixth Ministry Facilitator

Austin Stech

Facilitator, Middle School Ministry

Samantha Heetderks

Ministry Assistant

Technical Services

Mark Kotlarczyk

Director of Technical Servicesoffice: 616-956-9377

Joey Symonds

Assistant Director, Technical Services

Brad Visser

IT Support Specialist

Elaine Lohroff

Arena Database Specialist

Marlene Timmer

Technical Services Ministry Assistant


Donna Ross

Women's Ministry Assistant

Susan Sorensen

Pastoral Staff, Women


Andy Crowder

Pastoral Staff, Worship Ministry

Mark Welling

Assistant Director, Worship Ministry

Mark Grevengoed

Orchestra Director

Christie Thompson

Ministry Assistant