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Calvary Church Short-Term Missions Blog - France 2018: Family Mission Trip Introduction

France 2018: Family Mission Trip Introduction

Posted by Natalie Uecker on

(top left to right): Aaron Lamport, Rob Teigen, Joanna Teigen, Leah Teigen , Anna Teigen 

(bottom, left to right): Gwen Lamport & Mason Teigen (Not pictured but a member of the team—Gary Humphrey) 

Our first family trip to France is gearing up and getting super excited for their time with missionaries JP and Stephanie Gaylord.  

I wanted to introduce you to the team.  If you see these people around Calvary please make sure to offer them your prayers and support.  Aaron Lamport is the Team Leader and Joanna Teigen is the Logistics Leader.  Give them all a "high-five" and some encouragement as they look to spread the love of Jesus in Clermont, France.  

If you would like to support them financially just click France Team Donation.

They will be blogging so stay tuned for more information from the team.

In Christ,

Natalie Uecker
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