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Calvary Church Short-Term Missions Blog - Guyana 2017: Day 6 - Blessings and Prayers

Guyana 2017: Day 6 - Blessings and Prayers

Posted by Austin Stech on with 1 Comments

Today our team began our first day of VBS. It was a great morning and things went very well. We had around 90 kids that came out for the first day. This was a great turn out. We expect this number to double and possibly triple over the next few days. Please pray for continued strength and energy for us as we continue pouring into VBS. 

We played games with the kids and we sang songs as well as shared a skit portraying pharaoh and keeping the Israelites as slaves. The kids enjoyed this story today and we are excited to continue it tomorrrow in another skit. We also had fun doing crafts with the kids. The age group ranged from 3-12 years old. 

Please pray also that our team can continue to be a light in sharing Jesus with these kids in an effective way that they would understand. That if this is the only time all year that they hear about Jesus or if it is the first time they hear about him that this VBS would not only be just a fun event for them but a life changing time where we can plant seeds in them for Christ to water and grow for him. 


Tonight we got rained out of our crusade for the second time. Our team was walking over to the location and it was getting darker out but we kept praying that the rain would hold off as we were walking. We got just about to the location where our crusade was being held and it began to pour rain. Thankfully in front of the school where it is being held, there was a few outdoor canopys that the guys were able to put all of the equipment under before it rained. We were also able to crowd under this and spend time worship and just singing praises to the Lord regardless of the weather. 

We are quickly realizing that the Lords ways are not our ways. His will is not ours. Even though our plans are with good intentions we understand that his will is not ours. So if the Lord has called us here to just lead VBS and spend time worshipping him through the rain, then we are going to do it boldly and confidently to show our love and joy for him. 

Obviously we would like to participate in the crusades and share the gospel with those who attend and do the work the Lord has prepared us for. So if you could pray for us that the rain would hold off the next three nights that it would not interfere with our crusades and that the gospel would be portrayed, we would greatly appreciate it. 

A big praise is that most of us who have been feeling under the weather and ill are much better today. Praise the Lord. A few of us are still not 100% but still much better. This is a huge blessing and answer to prayer. 

Please also continue to pray for good health and strength for our whole team. And for continued team unity. 

Thanks again 

See you tomorrow 


-Guyana Team 



Preparing for our VBS Skit







Heather Brainard July 26, 2017 9:51pm

Exciting to hear how many children came. What a blessing. Love how you did not let the rain keep you from praise and worship. Reading about Paul today in the book of Acts - nothing ever stopped him from sharing about Jesus either. Praying God carries every word you say and sing to the hearts of those who are seeking him. Praying for all of you.
Emma, you need to know...we bought our tickets for China today. One step closer to your little brother. Love you!