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Calvary Church Short-Term Missions Blog - Houston 2017: People are Being Led to Christ

Houston 2017: People are Being Led to Christ

Posted by Natalie Uecker on

Houston trip - so far the trip has been both emotionally taxing and yet super exciting! 

Calvary Church - We have three new believers in Christ.  Please take a minute to pray for these three new believers who were lead to Christ in Houston. Pray for the Houston team's protection because with great Gospel conversations comes great challenges from Satan. 

 Continue to lift up our missionaries Jon and Kris Shepherd as they lead our team and share their hearts for South Houston.

  Pray for the family and friends our team members left behind.

  Pray for the supporters of this team that they feel blessed in knowing - the Houston team wouldn't be there without the faithful support of all of you.

  Yesterday they learned everything in Houston is definitely bigger, here is Seth with their 28" pizzas!

After a hard days work.

  Today, Monday, is a day of door to door engagements and talking to people at restaurants.

  Thank you for all of your prayer-support and love for this team. Pray for them as they continue to bring more people into our family of Christ. 

  As Ever,