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Calvary Church Short-Term Missions Blog - Houston 2018 - Change of Plans

Houston 2018 - Change of Plans

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This whole trip we have had to be flexible with our plans, but not as drastically as today. Instead of doing training with John in the morning, we helped train high schoolers in sharing the gospel! We went door to door with them, shared the gospel numerous times, and prayed with many. It was such a treat to be able to encourage these kids in sharing the gospel as well as learning a thing or two from them! The majority of these students were Freshmen and they were so bold! 

Tonight the Shepherd's hosted a big crew: us AND their Kurdish friends. The two Kurdish brothers, M* and A* have been studying the Bible with Jon and are saying that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died on the cross for their sins! Please pray for this family. A*'s wife, S* does not want to study the Bible, so pray that God will soften her heart. They have three children. Although they don't speak English we were able to communicate through google translate and hand movements! 



- After Bess shared the gospel she asked if N* wanted to recieve the gift of forgiveness and eternal life through Isa (Jesus). N* said, "Yes". Bess explained the gospel again and N* said that she believed Jesus died and rose again to forgive her sins. When Bess asked if she believed that Jesus was the Son of God, she said, "No". Bess explained what Jesus as the Son of God meant and she was still adamant that she didn't believe he was God's Son. She would like to meet with someone to talk more about what that means! Please pray that the Spirit would reveal to her the truth and that she would have good follow up.

- God led Raquel and a student to a woman that was dying of cancer. She is not expected to live long. Because Raquel speaks Spanish, she was able to pray a prayer of healing over this lady in her native language.

- Kirsten met an Iraqi believer! They were able to pray and encourage each other.

- Kirsten was able to share the gospel with a man that she felt was very receptive. Pray that a follow up meeting with him would go well.

- At the end of our day, we were surprised to meet a Yazidi atheist who shared some terrible stories about his life in Iraq.

- Grace shared the gospel and a bible story with a teen ager who said that she is trying to figure out what she believes. Grace was also able to leave her with the gospel of John.