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Calvary Church Short-Term Missions Blog - Houston 2018 - Invited and Encouraged

Houston 2018 - Invited and Encouraged

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Day 3 in Houston: Monday we started the day with worship in song then went on to worship with our words through sharing the gospel. John Shepherd brought us to an apartment complex where we talked to many people who were recpetive to the gospel and some encouraged us with their own faith in Jesus. A few highlights of the day:

-We woke up a young man from a nap! His eyes went from unengaged and drowsy to being captivated by the gospel story as we prayed and shared with him. Praise God for his interest!
-We were invited in by three different families, all from Afghanistan, and enagaged in interesting gospel conversations with them. We enjoyed their tea and hospitality. Please pray that the Lord will be working in these families' hearts as they recall the conversations.
-The weather guided us along so we knew when to stop, take a break, go inside homes or have a meal.
-We were highly encouraged by a young Russian women who served us dinner at a restaurant. We enjoyed connecting over our faith and praying with her. Please pray for her as she learns English and pray for the Shepherds who will continue to keep in contact with her.