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I Spy

Posted by Courtney Hoekwater on

I Spy Chris...

  • Giving a big hug to a mom whose kid was really acting up
  • Giving a big hug to one of the Gateways2Life Greek employees who was very overwhelmed in a particular moment 
  • Sharing looks of care

I Spy Madison...

  • Chasing little kids as they laugh and laugh
  • Using her photography talent to capture photos for the center’s founder, William 
  • Painting the little nails of children, showing love with nail polish 

I Spy Sherry...

  • Holding a little baby
  • Laughing with and caring for the children, both through action and an obvious heart of love for them 
  • Preparing and delivering tea

I Spy Karissa...

  • Helping an eager and sweet woman learn numbers in the English language
  • Holding a crying child with a tooth ache 
  • Coloring with both women and children, a way to relax with them amoungst the craziness 

I Spy Jean...

  • Talking and laughing with the women 
  • Encouraging the women 
  • Helping woman see themselves as someone just like her through her words and smiles 

I Spy Jesus in Chris, Madison, Sherry, Karissa, and Jean.

I Spy Jesus in Greece, amoung broken people who do not know Him, but oh how He knows them.

We are thankful. 

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