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Calvary Church Short-Term Missions Blog - Ohio 2017: Wednesday Recap

Ohio 2017: Wednesday Recap

Posted by Jackie Rice on with 1 Comments

Wednesday's morning rhythms looked a lot like Tuesdays. After breakfast, students go to Encounter while leaders meet. Then we re-gather for our justice training. In Wednesday's training we got the chance to feel injustice. We were divided into groups based on our height and then played games in these groups. No matter who "won" the tallest group added to their lunch, while the other groups lunch was never more than a quarter sandwich. This experience was designed for students to have an opportunity to experience what it's like to work with an unjust system. Today's training will give them an opportunity to make an action plan to address an injustice in their community.

Wednesday's prayer experience addressed time. We walked around the Great American Ballpark and prayed about how we use our time, how our friends/family use their time and how people in Cincinnati use their time. As we learn about restoration and rely on God to give us strength in service, these prayer walks teach us to trust in Him for all things.

We ate lunch near the ballpark and then headed to our service site, Matthew 25 Ministries. This ministry "cares for a needy world with the things we throw away." We had a chance to learn all about the disaster relief and humanitarian work that they've been doing since 1990. Our work for the day involved sorting sanitary pads by size and cleanliness. These pads are used for a variety of things overseas, from medical gauze to cleaning floors.


The students continue to learn from the books of Nehemiah and on Wednesday we discussed how God restores relationships. Each night session is powerful as students worship, hear from real life kingdom workers, and learn to apply the story of Nehemiah to their lives.

Following the evening session some shower and then we gathered to play cards. Everyone is getting along swimmingly and ready for their last day of service today. We will be returning to the farm where we served on Tuesday. Please continue to pray for our team as we serve and learn together. Pray that we would be people who restore.

Leave a comment if you'd like, and we will gladly share them with the students.


Jen Knapp June 23, 2017 6:47am

So great to visually see what the team is doing! We have been praying faithfully that you will all see God and draw near to him during this time. Thank you for representing him and his body this week. We are proud of you all! Praying for your trip home today!
Love you, Sahara!