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Calvary Church Short-Term Missions Blog - Packing Our Bags for Home

Packing Our Bags for Home

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On our last day, Saturday, we packed up our bags and reflected back on what God did on the trip and also looked forward to how we would apply all that we learned. John Shepherd shared with us that some of the biggest evangelistic movements have happened because of short term teams that come in and stir up some dust beforehand. Our hope and prayer for the apartment complexes we were in is that many would come to know Christ and even start Bible studies and house churches in Farsi and Arabic.
-We have all agreed that this trip was merely the beginning of something very special! We hope to continue spreading the gospel in various apartment complexes in Grand Rapids. We also look forward to training others on how to do the same to join us in the ministry.
-John has shared that he has just met two women who are interested in following up with the women in the apartments that we met over this last week (one even speaks some Farsi!)
-Kris will be meeting next week with one women from Afghanistan, who is interested in studying the New Testament.
Please pray:
-That we will continue strong in our conviction to spread the gospel.
-That we would have wisdom on where to share and how to do it best in Grand Rapids.
-Pray that all who we were in contact with last week could continue to think on the good news that was shared with them and that God would call them to Himself!