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set to go

Posted by Kim Velting on

PLT. We are just a couple of hours from leaving for the Leaders Retreat.

Yesterdays was a day of planning and preparation. The Retreat schedule was reviewed and our part of the detail was rather quickly confirmed. More effort was required for the Camping Event, because we are scheduled to return Saturday afternoon and the group will be leaving for camping on Sunday afternoon.

The Camping team had quite a lot of work to accomplish to accommodate the schedule changes, making sure any programming gaps were filled and all the teaching topics were assigned in the new schedule. Then it was to the market to pick up the last few items needed for the various activities and crafts.

The church was a very busy place. Not only were there several groups meeting together, there were a few projects being done around the church, working diligently to finish before the Children's Camp is scheduled to begin. We noticed several projects at the church that had already been completed  - such as a playground in the back of the courtyard.

We have to finish packing the materials for the Retreat (and our own things), so, I will sign off now. I do not know what the availability of internet service will be where we are going, but if possible, I will try to send another post very soon.

Thank you for your prayers,