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Calvary Church Short-Term Missions Blog - Spain 2017: Day Two

Spain 2017: Day Two

Posted by Amy Geers on

Today we went to Jaime's church which is called Betel to bring our supplies for the ESL classes we will be teaching. We will be teaching children in the mornings and adults in the evenings. The church has been advertising the classes prior to our arrival and there are already people signed up! We brought craft supplies along and did make a big shopping trip to purchase things here as well to support the local economy. Four of our team members were here last summer to help Jaime, and their previous experience is very helpful.

After lunch we canvassed a new neighborhood on foot and put a flyer for our classes in each mailbox. We have been blessed with beautiful weather so far, as we do a lot of walking here. In the evening we went to a park here in the town of Lugones and set up a game to play called Ladder Ball with some local teens who attend the church. During that time some of us walked around and passed out flyers for our Campamento de Inglés. Many people were receptive to us, but some were not. This experience was very good practice for us, as we interacted with the locals, practiced our Spanish and promoted Jaime's church and our English camp. After that we headed back to church for dinner made by a woman in the church. We are adjusting to the time change. Eating dinner so late at night is a big change for most of us since we eat after nine pm in Spain. Then we walked back to our hotel for a time of prayer, asking God's blessings on our plans for the next day. Proverbs 3:5-6.