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Calvary Church Short-Term Missions Blog - Sunday Festival Update

Sunday Festival Update

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Thank you for praying--God met every need and gave another joyful festival day. We were thankful as a team to be here. Many hands were needed to serve the families who attended. God gave us the privilege of sharing much fun, hospitality, and laughter with families from several nations. The event went so well, it has brought favor to the Gaylord's church. Community leaders have asked them to repeat it again next year with the desire to begin planning already in September. Along with the positive media response, the event accomplished its purpose of knitting the church more deeply into Clermont.

A note from Leah: Our prayers for joy were answered because even though we were all more tired today, everyone was happy and peaceful. Everything went smoother despite less volunteers. Thanks again for praying.  God is with us and is showing his love to the people here.

We enjoyed a meal with a missionary family in their home: