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Calvary News - Advent 2018: Reflection on Peace

Advent 2018: Reflection on Peace

Posted by Jackie Rice on

On the second Sunday of Advent we lit the candle for peace. As we reflect on a sermon that highlighted just how wrongly humans can interpret God's Word and character, and the brokenness this has created in our world, peace seems distant. We live in the land of the now and not yet.

Unto us, all people, a child was born. A son was given. And yet, brokenness remains. And yet, we long for wholeness. And yet, we seek understanding.

During the Christmas season we can become blinded by all we don't have. All the ways that our holidays don't live up to the hype we have been sold. Maybe your family never sits around the table together. Maybe you're alone. Maybe you're exhausted and you're nowhere near the end of your list. Maybe all you can see is what makes you different and it doesn't feel like something to celebrate. Maybe you thought this year would be better and it's just not.

Where is the peace? Where is the God who has come to be with us?

This week of Advent, we light a candle for peace. Light one right now. Consider it an acknowledgment of your own need... your need for peace, for a Savior, for rest. In this moment, come before God with all that brings you angst - your unmet expectations, your confusion, your hurt. Lay it all on Jesus and remember that He is the Prince of Peace. He is what you need. He is what our world needs. And He is here. We bring Him with us wherever we go.

Yes, there is better to come. Yes, there is a ways to go. But right now, the Holy Spirit is with you. And you can be at peace with Him. When all the things you thought would be true of this season fall apart, remember the truth of God's Word and character. He will never leave you nor forsake you (Joshua 1:5). He is your portion (Lamentations 3:24).

This year we will are using our weekly Reflect email to consider how to look at our messages in the Isaiah series in light of Advent. We send out this reflection email each Tuesday morning to help you engage with the Sunday morning message and apply it to your life all week long. Sign up at (your email subscriptions are found under My Profile).