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Calvary News - Annual Meeting 2018 - Recap

Annual Meeting 2018 - Recap

Posted by Calvary Communications on

Thank you to everyone who came out last Sunday to participate in our annual church meeting. It was a joy to look back at the year and thank God for His faithfulness in the life of our church. 

This year, there are five outgoing elders and five outgoing deacons. We thank each one of them for their service. The outgoing elders are: Eric Cerling, Steve Gronsman, Les Lamborn, Dave Oviatt, and Mike Still. The outgoing deacons are: Steve Bagley, Josh Hulst, Jon Rudolph, Kim Velting and Dan Wiersma. After their nominations were affirmed by the congregation, new elders and deacons were determined by lot. The new elders are: Bill Azkoul, Steve Doren, Dave Ellis, Dale McNinch and Earl Thomas. The new deacons are: Don Armbrester, Nate Benham, Nigel Crompton, Craig Johnson and Wilhelm Kliewer. Join us in prayer for these men as they begin their responsibilities.

Three constitutional updates were shared at the Annual Meeting for members to vote on the evening of October 28. The proposed updates include adding a definition of marriage, adjusting language to include women serving as deacons, and moving the Annual Meeting to October. A printed summary of these updates and a marked-up version of the Constitution are available at the Welcome Center. The elders will host a Q&A time on these updates, during the 10:45am service on Sept. 30 and during the 9:00am service on Oct. 7 in the Gathering Place.

The preliminary financial report given at the meeting is available below.

Printed copies of the 2017-2018 Annual Report are available at the back of the Sanctuary. Please note that the Mercy and Missions total printed in the Annual Report is incorrect and should be $2,427,218. 


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