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City Fest West Michigan

Posted by Celeste McDonough on

Over the past couple of years, Calvary has been on a journey through Grace Beyond to become a church that lives out our faith. Through this building project, God has challenged us to live radically and He has been faithful to bless our obedience. As Grace Beyond is coming to a close, we have been praying for God to reveal what we are to do next. God is good and has already started answering those prayers. 

On September 8-9, Calvary has the opportunity to join together with local churches and community leaders to share the gospel with our area through an evangelistic festival. This festival is called CityFest and will be a time of worship as well as preaching, with the gospel being proclaimed by the Palau family.

In addition to the festival in the fall, the Christian community will also be uniting through an effort known as One West Michigan to provide training, encourage collaboration, and serve our community through relationships that last long after the festival is over. The reason that we are bringing this event and these partnerships to your attention is that we want you and all of Calvary to be part of this exciting new adventure. 

Pray – Please pray that CityFest is used by God to bring the gospel to the people in our community who are lost. Ask God to reveal to you five unbelieving friends and family members that He wants you to daily be praying for and to invite to the festival.

Get Involved – Leading up to CityFest, there will be several other events to take part in. There will be evangelism training to equip you to share your faith. There will also be a friendship training on how to help unbelievers and how to connect new believers with a local church. We will share the dates of these events with you when they are set. 

Spread the Word – Share the news of this event with your friends and family. One West Michigan is looking for more churches and organizations to partner with and would appreciate your support. 

We are looking forward with anticipation to what God has in store for our community this year.