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Calvary News - Grace Beyond Pledge Forms

Grace Beyond Pledge Forms

Posted by Calvary Communications on

We kicked off the pledge phase of our Grace Beyond building project yesterday. Additional pledge packets are available at the back of the sanctuary, at the front desk and also online here:


Who will know how much I have given?
A Grace Beyond pledge is a pledge that you are making between you and the Lord. Only a select few people in the Finance Office will be aware of your pledge. The elders, pastoral staff and Grace Beyond committees will not know what you have given. Your pledge will be recorded so that we have an accurate account of what people are giving to secure construction loans and to ensure we have the funding to build the entire project we believe the Lord is leading us to build.

When can pledge cards be returned?
Pledge cards can be returned to the designated areas at the back of the Sanctuary or to the church reception desk.

When will pledged giving begin?
On or before our March 29 Pledge Sunday, we are asking each member of our church family to come prepared to make a commitment for the next 36 months, April 2015-April 2018, to our Grace Beyond Building Project.

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