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Calvary News - Grace Beyond Programming Guide | Spring/Summer 2016

Grace Beyond Programming Guide | Spring/Summer 2016

Posted by Grace Beyond Team on

This year we will take the next step in the Grace Beyond building project. Below is a guide designed to provide you with details on ministry activities during Spring/Summer 2016 of this project. We hope this will help you understand what will be happening in programs for all ages. Know that as details become final, we will continue to provide Grace Beyond updates.

Highlights of the new guide include a list of key dates, Sunday morning worship service times, weekly programming details for Calvary Kids and Calvary Students. The guide also includes Spring/Summer programming details for men, women, senior adults and more. Please know that the Calvary staff is always glad to answer any questions that arise, especially during the adventure that lies ahead. Contact the church at 956-9377 to speak to anyone on our ministry staff.