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Calvary News - Lent Begins February 10

Lent Begins February 10

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This year the season of Lent begins on Wednesday, February 10, and ends at Easter, on March 27. During this season of Lent, we want to focus on God’s faithfulness. As we prepare to celebrate the completion of the prayer garden we promised to build God five years ago, we want to reflect on how He has been faithful in our lives throughout that season. Throughout Lent we also want to walk with Jesus on His journey to the cross.

Each Sunday we will begin the week considering a story from Jesus’ ministry, and discovering how we can see an element of God’s faithfulness in the midst of healing, miracles and teaching. On the weekdays we will center ourselves around this element of God’s faithfulness with a daily promise from Scripture and a simple prayer we can recall throughout the day. Saturdays will be a day to reflect on ways we’ve seen God at work and an opportunity to take a step of action in the week ahead. Our hope is that we will arrive at Easter Sunday with hearts full of gratitude and praise for a God who is faithful in more ways than we could ask for or imagine.

At Calvary, during Lent we emphasize the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting and giving as Jesus encouraged in Matthew 6. Lent provides a wonderful opportunity to do this together, as a church body. Join us on a Lenten journey examining God’s faithfulness – pick up a Lent Guide at the back of the Sanctuary, follow along online, or sign up at for an email version.