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Making a Difference for Refugees

Posted by Celeste McDonough on

From We Welcome Refugees.

The headlines are alarming: “Security forces across Europe struggle to control record flows of hungry, scared refugees,” “Traveling in Europe’s River of Migrants,” “Europe’s biggest refugee crisis since World War II”. But just as this wave of human desolation has been growing, God has been at work here at Calvary Church to bring together His people and His plans to help. He has – in his perfect timing and guidance:

  • Placed a burden on our leaders’ hearts and raised up Lee Content on Pastoral Staff for Mercy and Hospitality, giving her a passion and a staff of skilled, caring coworkers.
  • Allowed us to send two teams to serve with Greater Europe Mission (GEM) on the Greek island of Lesvos. Just this month, the second team was able not just to meet physical needs of detained refugees on Lesvos but also to share verbally the love of Christ with them, as the political situation has driven all but Christian volunteers away from serving in the camp.
  • Opened the hearts of community groups within Calvary to come alongside newly resettled refugee families right here in Grand Rapids.

But, the work is just beginning! The next team has formed and is raising support to go in June. Some Calvary people are seeking God’s will for serving refugees for a longer time – from several weeks to several months. Local agencies need many more groups to step forward to help families settling into our community. And financial resources are needed for both the local and international aspects of this ministry.

We need your help! If you want to take part in this ministry, contact Lee Content at ext. 5085. To help support these efforts, designate “Refugee Relief” on your check or giving envelope, give online, or text-to-give (616-294-0700) with the amount followed by “refugee”. Join this counter-current flow of mercy, hospitality and hope God is raising up here at Calvary Church.

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