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Calvary News - Take Hold Fest and You

Take Hold Fest and You

Posted by Natalie Uecker on

Music is the universal language and Take Hold Church, a Calvary church plant led by Pastor Shane Cox, has invited us to help them with their annual outreach event called Take Hold Fest on November 10-12. As Pastor Jim has shared more and more of late, we believe God's mission for Calvary is to be strengthening and supporting Christ's church throughout Grand Rapids. This is an opportunity for us to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ as they share God's love through music.

Take Hold is asking for:

  • Host Homes - would you be willing to open your home to a band who has traveled to Grand Rapids in order to share their music at Take Hold Fest?  Last year they had over 200 people and Take Hold is hoping we can help offer a comfortable experience and fellowship to everyone needing a place to rest their heads.

    If you are interested in this please click here: Host Home Link

  • Friday Dinner (Tacos and Chili) - there is a list of items needed for their Friday, November 10 dinner such as your famous yummy chili or plates and napkins even gift cards to the grocery store so Take Hold can buy supplies.

    If you are interested in this please click here: Friday Dinner

  • Saturday Dinner (Sandwiches and Soups) - this is your time to shine and offer to provide sandwich needs, delicious soup and anything else you can think of to help Take Hold feed the bands at their outreach on Saturday, November 11.

    If you are interested in this please click here: Saturday Dinner

  • Volunteer Sign Up - Take Hold is asking for help in areas such as parking, load in, set up, clean up, sound, facilities (trash, stock bathrooms, etc), set up/clean up meals. When you sign up please make sure you note what day and times you are available and if one of the volunteer opportunities above is where you would like to serve?  (Just a reminder Take Hold Fest is November 10-12.)

    If you are interested in volunteering please click here: Volunteering