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Calvary News - Time to Start James Gang Reporting!

Time to Start James Gang Reporting!

Posted by Calvary Communications on

Have your kids been doing service projects and memorizing James Chapter 1? It's still not too late ... the date for the photo is May 13.

To be in the picture, you must: memorize James chapter 1 and complete 5 serving opportunities. Available to all ages!

• Projects should be reported by using the form on the back of this sheet, or report online HERE. Completing serving projects is as simple as helping children interpret things they do for other people (shovel snow, share a lunch, Operation Christmas shoebox ministry, etc.) as “putting faith into action!” as the book of James describes.

• Memorization is on the honor system. Parents, if you say your child has memorized to your satisfaction, ‘nuff said!

• Questions? Contact Shelly Lamport, , 956-5526.

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