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Calvary News - Volunteer Opportunity: King's Table Ministry

Volunteer Opportunity: King's Table Ministry

Posted by Natalie Uecker on

King's Table Ministry is asking us for help.  Their ministry reaches out to differently-abled adults/students to share the love of Jesus.  They are wondering if anyone from Calvary would be interested in the following volunteer opportunities:

Day & Place: Valentine's Day, Wednesday, February 14 at Lincoln Developmental Center, 862 Crahen Road & Lincoln School, 860 Crahen Road.

What: King's Table Ministry is hosting two parties on Valentine's Day and they are asking for more volunteers.  

Lincoln Developmental Center (862 Crahen Rd): 1-2 volunteers needed from 9:15 - 10:30 am. Volunteers are needed to take pictures of students at the photo booth.  A camera will be provided.

Lincoln School (860 Crahen Rd.): 3-4 volunteers needed from 12:15 - 1:30 pm.  Volunteers are needed for face painting, assisting at a craft table and helping at the snack table.  All supplies will be provided.

 How do I volunteer: Please contact Cathy Tyska, King's Table Ministries Assistant at (616) 648-4301 or .

Thank you for helping and making both Valentine's parties a success!

In Christ,

Natalie Uecker - Local Outreach & Short Term Missions