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Calvary News - Welcome New High School Pastor Josh Karhan

Welcome New High School Pastor Josh Karhan

Posted by Tom Olsson on

As we move closer to the beginning of another school year, we are excited to share with you that God has highlighted Josh Karhan to fill our vacant High School Pastoral Staff position. Josh has been at Calvary for two years as our Assistant Director of Calvary Kids, working closely with elementary kids and their families.

This search process began on Pastor Jim’s study break earlier this year, wherein he spent time praying over this opening, knowing that God was leading Aaron Bolduc to a new position. Upon coming back from his break, Pastor Jim asked me to oversee a search to find a new High School Pastoral Staff Representative. Throughout the search Byron Dickey, our Calvary Students & Kids Pastoral Team Leader, and I have been working together, ensuring that the needs of our students and their parents were considered and met throughout the process.

We began the search process by identifying people internally who could potentially fill the position. Our hope was that God would highlight a candidate who was familiar with Calvary Church and with whom we were also acquainted. As our search progressed, God began to highlight Josh Karhan as the one he was calling to be our next High School pastor. As Byron and I began meeting with Josh and further seeking God’s will, we asked him to join the mission team serving in Maine in early July. This trip became further affirmation of God’s leading.

In discussion with the Elders, we were encouraged to have Josh interview with the Student Ministries Advisory Committee. The advisory committee approved Josh, and he was subsequently interviewed and approved by the Elders on July 21.

We would like to invite parents of high school students to meet Josh and celebrate the beginning of a new season, during UNITED on Sunday, August 14 at 6:00pm in room 208. This will be a great opportunity for parents to connect and hear more about his heart for students.

In the midst of this shift, our Calvary Students & Kids team will be working through other staffing decisions and we will keep you updated as this takes place. Thank you for continuing to hold this ministry up in prayer. We recognize this is a critical time in the lives of your children and we pray God will bless the coming year immensely.