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Calvary Church GR

Community Group Shepherd

Community Group Shepherd Job Description

A Shepherd is one who cares for and builds relationships with Community Group leaders. Their primary role is to encourage, equip and empower leaders by building relationships.


  • As a Christian, all Shepherds are to honor the Lord with their own lives in a way that they model their walk with Christ. (Follow my example as I follow Christ. I Corinthians 11:1).
  • Must be a member, or in the process of becoming a member, of Calvary Church
  • Must currently be leading a Community Group or have led one in the past.

Ministry Responsibilities

  • Pray for each leader and each person in their groups on a regular basis.
  • Build trust with the Community Group leaders to encourage growth. The apostle Paul calls us to correct, rebuke and encourage (II Timothy 4:2). Proverbs 27:17 reveals that one person coming alongside another is like "iron sharpening iron."
  • Encourage the strengthening of each leader's gifts. When necessary, the Shepherds are there to offer advice, give counsel and provide guidance to the leader.
  • Bi-weekly contact with each leader with a face-to-face meeting quarterly.
  • Participate and monitor leader trainings, both onsite and online through
  • Confirm the names and contact information for group members at your quarterly meeting and encourage leaders to convey any changes to their roster to you or the Calvary Community Staff as soon as possible to keep our database current.
  • Confirm when and where each group meets, and also what they are studying. Convey any changes to the staff in order to keep the Leader Toolbox up to date.
  • Attend monthly Shepherd meetings
  • Stress the importance of using the Leadership Portal on a regular basis as a means of communication, training and encouragement.
  • Report care needs and prayer requests to the Calvary Community Care Coordinator.