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Calvary Church GR

Calvary Equip

Calvary Equip classes will help you gainknowledge of tools of the faith, find enrichment in your faith, obtain skills to do the work, receive opportunities to practice and find direction on next steps.  This is a great way to journey deeper in your spiritual formation.  A certificate of completion will be given to those that attend every class and meet individual class requirements.  


Intro to Discipleship
9:00am | Room 211 | September 17 - December 17
Register at by October 1.

What is the meaning of discipleship? What does it look like to practically follow Jesus? This course will consider these questions and others and will focus foundational aspects of the Christian faith. We will cover spiritual disciplines, a Bible overview and Christian living. 

Communicate Your Gospel Story
10:45am | Room 211 | September 17 - December 17
Register at by October 1.

Many Christians have a difficult time putting the gospel into words. They may have heard it, and experienced the transforming power of it in their lives, but when asked to explain it, they struggle. This course will concentrate on what the gospel is and how to share it with others. Participants will write and share their faith story and see how the gospel is interwoven with it.


Living By the Book
9:00am | Room 211 | September 10 - December 10
Register at by October 1.

This course will focus on the teachings of Howard Hendricks’ Living by the Book. This course will help you engage God’s Word like never before. In simple step-by-step fashion, you will learn how to observe the text, interpret the meaning and apply what is learned. 

10:45am | Room 211 | September 10 - December 10
Register at by October 1.

This course will focus on the wholeness and importance of prayer to a believer. We will look for explanation of what it means to pray according to God’s will, to wrestle with God in prayer and more.


Engage Muslims with Christ
4:00-6:00pm | Room 113 | September 17 - November 19
Cost: $90
(Partial scholarships available to Calvary attendees - email )
Register at by September 24.

Engage is a dynamic, interactive experience that will empower your witness to Muslims, coaching you to engage in life-transforming conversations with the Muslims in your community.


Fundamentals of the Faith
6:30-7:45pm | Room 109 C&D |September 13 - December 13
Register at

Theology is important because what we believe affects how we live. If you’re a relatively new believer in Jesus, or if you’re a more mature Christian looking for a quick brush-up on basics of the faith, Fundamentals is for you. 

Note: Registration is open all semester.