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Calvary Church GR

Hope & Healing in Sexual Betrayal

Hope & Healing in Sexual Betrayal

Second Thursday of the month, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Group: Calvary Care

Cost: $10.00

Download: Download Event

A support group for women whose spouses have engaged in pornography and extra-marital affairs. What do you do when intimacy in marriage has been shattered? Once the secret has been exposed, whether it is pornography or an affair, most women feel ashamed, betrayed and isolated. To whom do you turn? Whom can you trust with such a secret? Is there hope of restoration and healing?

On the other side of betrayal... there is hope... there is healing... there can be restoration in the marriage. You begin with support. You begin with seeking God in the darkest moment of your life.

Calvary Care would like to walk alongside you on this difficult journey. This confidential women's support group will help guide you to the other side of betrayal. 

Contact Joanna Gordon at 250-9548 to register, learn the next book study, purchase your book, and receive meeting information.