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Livestream Troubleshooting Guide

Download this guide as a PDF.

This document will assist you with the basic issues that individuals have while using the livestream of the services on a computer. This guide will use Internet explorer as a web browser, but the results may vary on other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari. This guide does not address mobile devices. If you are still having trouble with the webcast email us at .

Webcast Schedule

Every Sunday Morning at 9:00 and 10:45am (Eastern time).

Audio or Video Will Not Play

Our livestream uses Adobe Flash player which is embedded in your Internet browser. If Flash is properly installed and the service is live the video will appear as in image 1 during our second and third services. Our first service is audio only, therefore you will see a graphic on the screen and hear the audio playing. If Flash player is not installed on your computer the livestream will not work as seen in image 2. To install Adobe Flash player go to

Flash player is already embedded in some Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and on Chrome. It is also important to keep your Flash player updated.

Please Remember: There are many different variables that can cause issues with the streaming. These variables include web browsers used, the speed of your internet connection, the performance of your computer, other software programs running on your computer, software updates, and more. Streaming on a wireless connection is not recommended.

Basic Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Try refreshing your internet browser.
  2. Close other software programs.
  3. Close your internet browser and reopen it.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Make sure Windows (or OS for Mac) and Flash are updated.
  6. Make sure the Flash plugin is enabled in your browser.
  7. Try using another Internet browser.
  8. Try hardwiring your computer so it does not rely on WiFi.

Basic Overview