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Calvary Church GR

Finding Support

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings: 
Meeting at Cornerstone University (1001 East Beltline NE)

  • Monday, 7:30-8:30pm, Faber Building Room 117
  • Tuesday, 7:30-8:30pm, Faber Building Room 117
  • Thursday, 7:30-8:30pm, Faber Building Room 117
  • Saturday, 7:30-8:30pm, Bolthouse Building, Room 100 (No April meetings, Resuming May 7, format TBD)
  • Sunday, 5:00-6:00pm, Faber Building, Room 116 and Room 112

Parking is in lot C. Faber is building 2 and Bolthouse is building 3. Guests will enter into building 2 no matter what building they are going to.

Alanon Meeting: 
Meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church (2700 Fulton Street E). Contact 949-2510.

Avenue: Men’s group - help for men who are struggling with pornography and/or sexual brokenness.


Budget Counseling: One-on-one help establishing a workable spending plan.
CONTACT: Jakob Jackson  at ext. 5908.

Freed-Up Financial Living: six-week class using biblical principles to reach financial freedom.
CONTACT: Jakob Jackson  at ext. 5908.


Pastoral: Meet with a Calvary pastor to speak about a life concern or relationship issue. CONTACT: Lynnell Bok at ext. 3510

Pre-Marital: For engaged couples preparing for marriage
CONTACT: Lynnell Bok at ext. 3510.

  • Personalized pre-marital counseling 
  •  couple-to-couple pre-marital mentoring for one year (as available).

Marriage: Couples can meet with a pastor for pastoral counseling.
CONTACT: Lynnell Bok at ext. 3510.

Individual: Meet with our staff licensed professional for counseling, care and support through various life issues or assessment for outside counseling recommendations.
CONTACT: Joanna Gordon at ext. 5621. 

DivorceCare: 13-week series for those experiencing the difficulties and pain of separation and/or divorce. 
CONTACT: Dane Bjork at ext. 3149.

DC4K (Divorce Care for Kids): For children whose parents are divorcing. Helps children heal when parents divorce.
CONTACT: Dane Bjork at ext. 3149

Benevolence: available to qualifying Calvary attendees who are experiencing financial difficulties.
CONTACT: Lynnell Bok at ext. 3510.

Food Pantry/Clothes Closet: food and clothing for families and individuals in need of assistance. 
CONTACT: Lynnell Bok at ext. 3510. 

If you have questions regarding funerals, please CONTACT: Kristen White at ext. 5013. 

GriefShare Workshop: 13-week support group for those grieving the loss of someone close. CONTACT: Dane Bjork at ext. 3149. 

Eating and Body Image Support Group for Adults: women offering a spiritual perspective on eating and body image issues as well as prayer and support.

In His Eyes: Bible Study for teen girls focusing on how to see yourself as God sees you. CONTACT: Jen Lane

Liberated In Christ: Liberated in Christ is Calvary Church's freedom ministry based on materials by Dr. Neil Anderson of Freedom in Christ, USA. This course will guide participants in the freedom we have in Christ Jesus. The course will help uncover areas in your life where Satan has gained a foothold, perpetuating shame and guilt, long after the sin has been confessed and forgiven. Participants will develop a clearer understanding of who they are... not the roles they live out... but who they are in Christ. They will develop the skill and practice the Steps to Freedom in Christ, which sets them free from spiritual strongholds, areas where Satan has gained an advantage.  Lastly, participants will transform their mind, through the power of God's Word, to live a life of freedom. 

This course replaces the Women’s Restoration groups (Women:Restored, Women:Redeemed, and Women:Revived).  For the next course offering, contact Karen VanHolstyn.

Hope and Healing in Sexual Betrayal: A support group for women whose spouses are struggling through various forms of sexual immorality, whether it's pornography or an affair, bringing hope and healing in the midst of betrayal and isolation through prayer and God's Word. CONTACT: Joanna Gordon at (616) 250-9548.


Hands of Jesus: Help with electrical repair, painting, plumbing, yard work, cleaning, transportation, handyman, or carpentry projects.
CONTACT: Glenn DeMots at 454-0232 or Bill Skinner at 456-9296.  

Hospital visitation: During a hospital stay one of our pastors will visit.
CONTACT: Lynnell Bok at ext. 3510. 

Support group for those who are dealing with cancer or longer term illness.
CONTACT: Jerry Ward at 452-1349.


Couple-to-couple mentoring utilizing PREPARE/ENRICH Relationship Inventory. Limited availability.

Hannah’s Heart: support for those grieving a miscarriage or the loss of an infant CONTACT:  Deb Donker at (616) 363-7818 or Judy Wetters at (616) 433-1533.

Join intercessors for prayer.
CONTACT: Cindy Marrell at ext. 5096.


A ministry to Calvary attendees who are physically unable to attend church services and functions.
CONTACT: Mike Looney at ext. 3476.


To marry at Calvary Church, or, to have a Calvary pastor officiate at your off-site wedding. For more information about Calvary's wedding process, visit our Weddings page.
CONTACT: Lynnell Bok at ext. 3510.