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James Gang


Howdy kids! Get ready to join the “James Gang,” our Scripture memorization and service program at Kids-N-Action! Listen to fun songs designed to aid memorization, complete family serving opportunities to put your faith into action, and be in our James Gang poster on the Elementary Hallway “Wall of Fame” at the end of the year.  


We have decided to dig deep in memorization, and commit our Wednesday night efforts to memorizing through an entire book of the Bible — James — one chapter a year. This links memorization to the context in which it was written and builds upon concepts and themes presented successively in each new chapter. Regardless of what chapter we are focusing on, this year is a perfect place to join us! 

How can I join the James Gang?

Each year, Kids-N-Action join the James Gang if they have memorized the appropriate chapter from the book of James and have completed five service projects to put their faith into action. At the end of the year, all of the children who have joined the James Gang take a group photo with Ranger James to go on the “Wall of Fame.” 

Why memorize the book of James?
James challenges our cultural fix on information, and instead calls Christians to be responsible to act on what we know and memorize. James is a short book, with an average of 22 verses each year...not bad! That gives time to dig deep, memorize and take action!

When do you review these verses with children?

• Our Wednesday night programming (Kids-N-Action) breaks down the memorization into a series of songs (download them at right!) and sings them during large group each week.

• Our Children’s Choir LUMIN8 learns and professionally records the James memorization songs.


Any child who joins the James Gang five years in a row (regardless of year they started) is eligible to be deputized with a personalized sheriff badge and a picture with Ranger James, Pastor Joel and Pastor Jim “James” Samra! For more information about deputization, please request “Deputy Authorization Form” from  .


Service Projects

One of the best ways to teach children to serve is to model it in your own family. Listed below are several opportunities your family can engage in together. 

To join the James Gang, each child must complete five serving opportunities. You may substitute other projects your family is involved in throughout the year. Each serving event counts as one opportunity – so if your family visits someone in the nursing home on five different occasions throughout the year, that counts! Below are examples of projects that real kids in last year’s James Gang completed. Read this list for ideas on ways to serve, and feel free to choose projects that are not on this list too. Look for unique ways that you can “put your faith into action!”

In Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood clean-up (trash removal, weeding, raking leaves, etc.)
• Help prepare and deliver meals for neighbors who have been sick, had a baby, or need a little extra love and help
Mother’s helper for a mom with young children
Shoveling snow for neighbors who need help
Moving helper if neighbors are moving in or moving out
• Make cards and visit a local nursing home. Sing some songs while you visit and interact with the residents.

At School

Teacher’s helper
• Help a classmate who needs a little extra help with schoolwork or a little extra help because of an injury
Outdoor clean-up (trash removal, weeding, raking, etc.)

At Home

• Send letters or pictures sponsored children or missionaries
• Go above and beyond with chores or jobs at the house

Through Church

For more information on these and other opportunities, please contact Regina at the Yellow House: or 956.3672
• Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets
• Missions Department Christmas Project
Donations to Yellow House: clothing for the clothing closet, food and other supplies for the food pantry
• Help with Shut-In Ministry
• Volunteer with cleaning and organizational tasks for Calvary Kids