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LUMIN8 Children’s Choir meets shortly before Kids-N-Action on Wednesday nights, and serves as a great reinforcement for all of Calvary Kids’ other programs. As children in our ministry learn to trust and follow Christ for the rest of their lives, they will discover that the great joy of salvation absolutely must be shared with others…and what better way than through catchy tunes and lyrics?

Each year in LUMIN8, we focus on the following goals for children:

• Perform an evangelistic Christmas Musical and a Spring Musical. 

• Show commitment to one another as a team. All who join will be asked to attend scheduled practices, and will reasonably be expected to be present for all rehearsals and presentations.

• Understand song lyrics, ask questions and build relationships. Practice times include discussions as well as occasional fun activities to improve retention and application of principles in the songs.

• Experience God in worship. LUMIN8 will sing in scheduled Sunday morning worship services.


Practice Time

Wednesday nights, 5:45-6:35pm 
Those registered for Kids-N-Action will be taken to large group at 6:35pm.


Frequently asked questions:

• Who can join?
Children kindergarten (by September 1) through 6th grade may join (must be able to attend performances listed on the schedule).

• When can my children join?
Children must register no later than October 17 for the Christmas Musical and by January 23 for the Spring Musical.

• How do I register my child?
Either register on the church website or pick up a registration form at one of the the check-in desks. If you have questions, contact Children’s Ministry ( ) at 956-9377, ext. 5067.

• What about children with special concerns?
At Calvary Kids, we seek to minister to children of all abilities and disabilities. For more information contact Shelly Lamport, Pastoral Staff, ( ) at ext. 5526.

• What's behind the name LUMIN8?
LUMIN8 is a form of the word, “illuminate,” which means to brighten with light; to light up. The purpose of LUMIN8 is to brighten our dark world with the light of God’s Word and the message of His love through music. The “8” in LUMIN8 is a reference to Psalms 8 (verse two), where the Psalmist says that children have a unique calling to speak God’s praise. “From the lips of children and infants, You have ordained praise…”