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Calvary Church GR

Make Me Like Christ


Verse 1

Lord, I long to be like Jesus,
I just have so far to go,
Don’t see how I’ll ever get there but I’m growing.
My weaknesses are before me
Yet your grace covers every one
Lord you’ve washed and sanctified me,
Please continue what you have begun.


Make me like Christ, righteous and holy
Humble and loving, obeying you only
Throughout my life, and when I cross over
To rise up in victory, to shore in His glory,
Hear my prayer, Lord hear my cry,
Make me like Christ

Verse 2

My eyes don’t see like my Savior’s
My heart doesn’t love like His,
And my mind doesn’t always think His thoughts but I’m learning
Lord I long to know your secrets,
To walk only in Your ways,
So may I become with each new day
More like Jesus and less like me.