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Marriage is God’s design and His great gift to us. No other human relationship can approach the potential for intimacy and oneness than that which can be found within the context of marriage. At Calvary we seek to support and strengthen marriage so couples can experience the joy that God intended as well as be equipped to withstand the challenges that arise over the years.

Being One: God’s Design for Marriage
Whether you are preparing for marriage or are already married, this seminar is essential for understanding God’s blueprint for marital union.

  • Required for couples marrying at Calvary.
  • Offered regularly in September, February, & May.
  • Open to all couples or individuals at Calvary.

For more information, contact Lynnell Bok at ext. 3510. 

Premarital Counseling
To prepare couples for marriage using the PrepareEnrich Relationship Inventory. Cost is $35 per couple.

Premarital counseling is available to Calvary couples approved to marry by Calvary Church and is required for couples marrying at Calvary. Couples will have the option of one of the following: 

  • 6 hours/3 months of personalized counseling with a counseling facilitator
  • 10 meetings over 1 year with a Marriage Mentor couple (as available).

For information about weddings at Calvary, see

Remarriage Counseling
To prepare couples for remarriage and family blending using the PrepareEnrich Relationship Inventory. Remarriage counseling is available to Calvary couples approved to marry by Calvary Church. Cost is $35 per couple.

Six hours of counseling is required for couples remarrying at Calvary. For information about weddings at Calvary, see or contact Lynnell Bok at ext. 3510 

Marriage Mentoring Ministry
Engaged or young couples attending Calvary are matched with experienced older couples who have been trained to provide marriage mentoring. Mentoring requires a one-year commitment. Mentee couples take the Prepare/Enrich Relationship Inventory ( and then meet 10 times over the course of a year with their mentor couple. In these meetings couples together go through their inventory report with a focus on their relationship strengths and growth areas, strengthening relationship skills and learning new skills, and learning from the marriage experience of the mentor couple as they share about their own marriage.

Mentor couples are screened, trained, and supervised. Areas covered include communication, conflict resolution, financial management, sex and affection, relationship roles, personal stress, leisure activities, children and parenting, friend and family relationships, and personality similarities and differences. Limited availability. 

For more information, contact  

Marriage Counseling
Meet with a Calvary pastor for biblical marital counseling, available to Calvary couples whose marriage is recognized by Calvary Church.

For more information, contact Regina Bilski at ext. 3672.  

Financial Assistance
Benevolence care is available to qualifying Calvary attendees.

Contact at ext. 3510. 

Adult Sunday Classes
These classes for engaged & young couples meet Sunday morning (varies during summertime).  

  • Threshold: 10:45am (1st & 3rd Sundays) in room 114
  • Momentum: 10:45 am (2nd & 4th Sundays) in room 106
  • Foundations: 9:00am (1st & 3rd Sundays) in room 114

Get information and an application to be married at Calvary at Applications must be submitted 4 months to 1.5 years prior to the wedding date.

Family Life Conference – Weekend to Remember
Strengthen your relationship by attending a conference on marriage together. 

Check for upcoming conferences in West Michigan at