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Calvary Church GR

Current Missions Prayer Requests


Jeremy & Joy

  • God provides for their homeschool teacher during September and October. Pray she raises the funds needed for the trip.
  • Pray for Judah as he starts Kindergarten.
  • Pray for opportunities to connect with this people group.
  • For stamina to press in deeper with these people and the language, and to see people coming to Christ.
  • Pray as they prepare to be on furlough coming in January 2019.

Dan & Teresa

  • They have the “green light” to head back to Africa by the end of the year!
  • Dan went on ahead to help a village learn how to farm in their conditions, and showed the Jesus Film to about 80 people. He will do the same at another village, and then go to some refugee camps.
  • Teresa continues to teach citizenship classes to refugees. When she returns she will be working doing ESL.
  • Their daughter is doing mission trips through the end of the year in Romania and on the ship with Operation Mobilization.

Jason & Jamie

  • They and their 4 children made it back into the country.
  • Jason has already connected with previous “seekers”, and is meeting new ones.
  • Ask God to enlighten the eyes of five of their friends to the truth of the gospel.
  • Pray for them as they work with health officials.
  • For Jason’s dad who has cancer.


Zac & Leigh - Church Planting

  • After being robbed 3x in ten months, they are moving to another home.
  • They had a graduation party for their students who passed after 3 months.
  • ESL & Basketball continue at the Community Center, as well as other activities.

Joanna - Children/Youth

  • Everything arrived safely in Russia.
  • She has already found an apartment and has done a week of In- Service
  • Pray for her and her students, as they come from all over the world, as well as Russia.

Keith & Grace - Admin/Support

  • NOBO headquarters have moved to a more inviting place.
  • Pray for the team to absorb the new ideas for how to translate.
  • For future efforts to learn Odia.
  • In October, they will be setting up 3 language lessons per week.

Jake & Sara - Church Planting

  • During their 7 weeks of home assignment, they connected with 53 ministry partners, 3 supporting churches, drove 4,000 miles, and connected with family and friends.
  • The kids are back at school. Sara is teaching 2nd grade, and Jake is doing his online Master’s of Theology while working with the local church.
  • Jake’s visa is up in January. Pray that he can extend it since he’s not in the Indonesian school.


Gary & Jami

  • Jami’s mother’s Alzheimer's continues to decline, causing them to remain in the states a bit longer.
  • Gary’s webpage is receiving a lot of comments. Pray that his partner will have the wisdom to answer these posts while he is in the USA. And for others to be there for those in other countries who are responding!
  • Jami will now teach a 2nd, not a 5th grade class when she returns. Pray for those transitions.


Roy & Jennifer - Church Planting

  • Pray for the groups they work with, and for their growth while they are in the USA.
  • Pray for a couple co-worker who have health and life issues.
  • They have need of a small car while in GR starting in August – April.

Dwight & Melissa - Leadership Development

  • For the Mosnita Noua community to come to faith.
  • For opportunities to share when they travel around the country at ministry events
  • Pray tor safety in their travels, provision, more workers, and for funds to carry on new works of discipleship.
  • For their children to grow in faith.

Jonathan & Rebecca - Church Planting

  • For students to come to IBI to learn about Jesus.
  • For the new leadership caring for IBI.
  • That they may be bold in sharing the gospel in Ireland.
  • A major supporter’s health is failing, meaning they have lost this generous support.
  • Pray for every need to be supplied.

Josh & Julie - Admin/Support

  • Pray for a neighbor woman who accepted Christ and is the only believer in her family.
  • For their children to be a light in their world of influence.
  • Julie went to Africa to minister through physical therapy and saw God using her. Pray that more opportunities will surface to use her physical therapy skills for the lost.
  • Here for a few weeks in the USA. Pray for all those transitions and connections.


Andy & Carmen - Church Planting

  • For Ethan’s Type 1 Diabetes to be managed well.
  • For CAFFIN’s staff of 8, to keep the goal of this facility always before them in glorifying God.
  • For the equipment needed to run the diagnostic tests they desire to have at the facility.
  • For support to reach 100%, especially with Ethan’s doctor bills.

Andy & Kathleen - Church Planting

  • Still in the states meeting with folks and helping since the adoption went through.
  • Putting together a shipping container to ship to Guyana.
  • For the Jan/Feb work project and the funding for that.
  • Asking for more laborers to be on the field.


Steve & Nara - Children/Youth

  • It was cold in Brazil (32 degrees!) when they ran a couple of camps in the month of July, and still 240 came!
  • In May/ June they presented through EMME to 17,000 people, with some accepting Jesus.
  • Praise that God has brought new team members to join the work!
  • Pray that those who have accepted Christ would grow in faith.

Mike & Cher - Admin/Support

  • Pray that Esa Ejja will desire to “fish for men”.
  • Pray for the Eyiyoquibo people group, as Mike and Cher go there next with the gospel.
  • Their children are doing well in the areas of the world God has put them.
  • For the man who lost his 29-year-old son last month, to continue clinging to the Lord in his sorrow.


Peggy - Leadership Development

  • Was in Costa Rica for a conference. Now in Indonesia to share about community libraries, and the value of learning English. Pray as she leads these workshops.
  • Has become a grandma again, and is expecting to add more grandchildren this year.

Amy - Children/Youth

  • For every meeting to be a fragrant offering to God.
  • For safety in all the traveling around the globe.
  • For slavery be exposed, dealt with, and to end.

Joel & Carla - Church Planting

  • Carla will begin teaching at the local pre-school with the focus of better education options for those on the reservation.
  • Joel with being at the career center praying to start a Bible Study, and to have opportunities to share Christ.
  • Praising God the children are beginning to make friends and build relationships.

Jon & Kris - Church Planting

  • Oct. 2-11, Jon will return to Rohingya. Pray that God will prepare hearts to receive His word, that he will be able to help them learn how to study the word, and that churches would develop.
  • Kris’s Crohn’s is progressing. She will have further tests in Sept. Pray!
  • The boys are starting school instead of being taught at home.
  • Jon continues to take groups of people to the immigrant populations and share Christ. Others are learning his methods and are finding it easier than they thought!