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Calvary Church GR

Current Missions Prayer Requests


Dave & Laura - Church Planting

  • Praise that the airport is going to let them stay where they are!

  • Pray for the upkeep of the planes.

  • Pray for Laura as she desires to go to the Crescent Project this next summer to further reach the local women.

  • Pray for NVOC as the school year begins. One of them has been sick since school started.

Dan & Teresa 

  • Praise that Dan had the opportunity to travel to more than 10 communities this summer teaching agriculture and the Bible.

  • Praise that Teresa had the opportunity to help with Simply the Story in Tulsa, OK, and continues to put together ESL for Africa.

  • Prayers as Dan has just gotten back to Africa, and Teresa will join him in November.

  • Praise for the arrival of their new baby grand-daughter.


Zac & Leigh - Church Planting

  • Praise that they have settled in a safer home with all the costs covered.

  • Asking for spiritual fruit for students.

  • Friends from Korea will be visiting on the 23rd of November!

  • Another friend will also be visiting to sense if this is where God wants them to serve.

Keith & Grace - Admin/Support

  • Pray for one of his fellow translators’ whose wife slipped & fell with baby in arms, dropping the baby who then died.

  • Another translator just lost his grandson, and another young translator wants to quit.

  • Pray for these farmers with elementary educations as they have worked for 8 yrs with Keith on the translation of the Bible to get it into the language of the people with little church support.


Ken & Rhonda

  • Pray for Teammates who were denied entry and will minister in another area with their family.

  • Pray for Ken as he has been asked to be the team leader for their area in the world.

  • Pray for a man who is pastoring of the new church plant, and that others will step up to help in that leadership

  • One sister is opening Scriptures with Ms’m in the park. Pray for her and those she’s reaching.

  • Praise as 30 students accepted Jesus at the camp this year!


JP & Stephanie - Church Planting

  • Pray for growth and participation to increase among the believers of their small church.

  • Pray as Abby has just started homeschooling, and John is in the French public school system.

  • Pray for JP’s health and allergies. There are days where he has difficulty breathing.

  • Pray for patience and guidance as they trust the Lord for the work going on in France.

Roy & Jennifer Nagelkirk - Church Planting

  • They are now in GR

  • Pray for Jennifer’s mom, who has been diagnosed with cancer.

  • Praise that Jennifer was able to spend time with one of her daughters who recently just had a second child.

  • Pray for those left behind doing ministry in France while the Nagelkirk’s are here for the next 7-8 months, and for the churches where Roy will be speaking while at home.

Dwight & Melissa - Leadership Development

  • Pray for the many young people who accepted Jesus during the summer.

  • For the community of Mosnia Noua as they do Backyard Bible Clubs.

  • Praise the Lord for the ministry, and ask Him to provide for the extra expenses that have appeared.

  • For their family to stay close to Jesus.

Josh & Julie - Admin/Support

  • Praise that they have returned to France, refreshed.

  • Pray for them as they’re asking God to open doors to impact their world.

  • Praise that Josh was able to attend a Spain conference on how to go to the unreached peoples in their community.

  • Pray for opportunities to share the gospel.


Andy & Kathleen - Church Planting

  • Andy’s back was severely out until recently, and he is healed! Praise God for healing!

  • Pray as they’re hosting many pastors and continuing to preach each Sunday.

  • Pray as a dental team will be coming in March.

  • Pray for the workers, the work, the students, the construction teams, the training, the TV programs, & the Hindus and M they continue to reach.

Mike & Cher Riepma - Admin/Support

  • When they began ministry to the Essa Eja, they had desired to see 10 churches among the people. Today there are now 4, with believers in the other groups. Praise God for the work that He is doing, and pray that many more would come to Christ.

  • Due to the cell phone, they can contact, encourage and counsel those in the villages that are far away. God is moving! But, so is the enemy. Keep praying!


Tom & Karen - Church Planting

  • Pray as a fire ruined 30,000 acres, coming to within 3-4 miles of their house and within 2 miles of their community.

  • Pray as Clubs were canceled as a result of a lack of interest, as well as the fire evacuation. Pray for discernment as this has caused them to reevaluate their method of ministry.

  • Pray for spiritual victory as families are imploding, children are on drugs and passing out, and murders from domestic violence.

  • Desperate, the native people have asked them for counseling. Pray for wisdom!

  • The good news is that the “Faith Circles” continue with good commitment to attend.

Dave & Sonja

  • Praise for partners who received a generator, land, and building to carry on deeply needed ministry to orphans and widows.

  • Pray for Dave’s back, which may require additional surgery, even though the last surgery has yet to be paid off.

  • For Dave as he travels the world and decides where his organization can help.

  • Pray for God to provide as they are $1000 short of their needed monthly support.

Shalom & Sheri Lazarus - Admin/Support

  • Pray as they transition to a new home.

  • Sheri’s diagnosis is Post Concussion Syndrome, which has compromised her vision, depth perception, & movement. Please pray for healing and comfort.

  • Pray for strength as caring & driving their 4 yr old to preschool & going to therapy 2x a week is challenging.

  • Pray for Shalom as is caring for them both. Praise God that he has been able to roll out the new EMI website, and took his US Citizenship exam.

  • Pray for the family has they have so many difficult things to maneuver.

David & Flora - Admin/support

  • Pray for TWR as the word is going out to areas believers never could go!

  • Pray for those who hear the message and live in desperate situations to cling to Jesus.

  • Pray as Flora’s sabbatical is almost complete and she has several options at TWR.

  • Pray for those who have suffered because of the various storms all over the world.

Jon & Kris - Church Planting

  • Praise that the trip to the refugees in Bangladesh was filled with the presence of God as many came to faith and were baptized.

  • Praise as there were no churches in this area only a few years ago, and now there are two, with training to start more!

  • Pray as Jon is training anyone who wants to go to the world on Wednesday Nights at Calvary!

  • Pray for Kris as they meet with her Doctor to discuss possible treatment options.