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Calvary Church GR

Current Missions Prayer Requests


Sybil – Mozambique, Children & Youth

  • Pray for this semester for the kids, and especially for those taking final exams.
  • For the staff of Hlauleka who work at the school & the clubs, that they will work unto the Lord, and love the kids.

Dan & Teresa – Africa, Community Development

  • Teresa is now back after being in Michigan for her 22-year-old nephew’s funeral, which she officiated.
  • Dan visited a certain people group on a vision trip, as this is where they’d like to minister.
  • Dan also did an agricultural 2-day training on high value crops in a neighboring city. 25 pastors and 200 people attended!
  • They return to the states in November for home ministry assignment.

Lucky & Sonnet – Mozambique, Church Planting

  • God’s continued comfort as they mourn the loss of their son.
  • For churches in Tchake & Mucatine as Lucky, Sonnet, & other pastors deal with areas of conflict.
  • Lucky will officiate Sandros & Modi’s “official” wedding the end of October.


Zac & Leigh – Papua, Church Planting

  • A recent theft of their laptop while they were home in another room has left Leigh and the family anxious.
  • As they are ‘getting their feet wet’ at the community center, pray they have God’s ideas on how to proceed.
  • That God would abide with them and use them for His kingdom work.

Marlene – Papua New Guinea, Children & Youth

  • As of Dec. 2017, she will transfer from working with Wycliffe to a new supporting organization. She will be teaching at the University of Papua New Guinea, and mentoring young women.
  • Pray as the dean of UPNG works out all the details for this transfer, for her new visas, & patience.

Jake & Sara – Indonesia, Church planting

  • Jake had knee surgery, which was successful. He is now doing physical therapy on his own. Prayer for continued diligence in his therapy, and to manage both studies and rehab.
  • Pray for Luke and Anna to continue building strong friendships with their Indonesian neighbors.

Jonathan & Hanna – India, Church Planting

  • A New Testament translation is being dedicated & printed for the first time in one language, while work has begun on an Old Testament translation in another, and work continues on a New Testament translation in yet another!
  • For completion of the guest & dorm facility at the camp.
  • God’s blessing in the church planting effort, including the Sunday evening study.
  • Blessings & guidance for their children, one teaching Kindergarten, the other at school in another state.


Dave & Julia

  • Need 2 full-time teammates committed to learning the business, relocating, & sharing the vision.
  • Their son, John, was bullied at school last year and needs his heart softened.
  • Looking for a new country in which to minister, with inexpensive housing, and appropriate amenities for their age.
  • With the loss of the existing business and a 30% drop in support, they need God to supply all their needs.

Sasha & Olga

  • Pray as Sasha pastors his church and sees God raise up leaders.
  • He also trains new leaders for Youth For Christ.
  • Olga has health issues, but is doing well at the moment.


JP & Stephanie – France, Church planting

  • Started October with a Prayer Week that included any and all who wanted to participate.

Roy & Jennifer – France, Church Planting

  • Two of their children are in the states for school this year.
  • Roy will be attending a global conference on how to reach Muslims in our world.
  • Asking that God would reveal Himself to the Muslims he works with using dreams, if necessary.
  • Jennifer’s knee is better.
  • That God will bring someone to rent their apartment while they come on home ministry assignment next year.

Josh & Julie – France, Church Planting

  • Thankful for all the needed documents for themselves and the children, as well as drivers’ licenses.
  • Last week of August they moved to Lyon and are all settled.
  • Kids are doing well at the new school. Their one son broke his arm. They are navigating the medical system of France.
  • Josh is back at language school & Julie has a couple of language partners.


Andy & Kathleen – Guyana, Church Planting

  • While they were in the states, the VBS’s held in Guyana were successful!
  • Hope to obtain an abandoned church to start a new work there.
  • Renovations on the next phase of building will begin in January in Tain
  • Berbice Bible Institute and Solid Rock Seminary have been blessed with great speakers.
  • Continue to pray for the weekly TV broadcasts that reach father than they expected!

Mike & Cher – Bolivia, Church Planting

  • Went back from their home assignment to a hunger for the Lord as soon as they arrived!
  • Pray for Apo & Milton as they lead and teach this hungry group. Also for Bernado & Magdalena, the next generation, and for Lucio & Ruben, future spiritual leaders who just lost their 3-month-old.
  • A visiting team will come to discuss the future of the work.


Peggy – USA, Leadership Development

  • Biblical Worldview Conference October 17-22. Asking for prayer for the participants who are coming from all over the world, for travels, for meetings following the conference, and for their families who will be at home for the next few weeks while they learn and connect

Linda – USA, Admin/support

  • The 10 Nigerian women who completed the sewing course were given treadle sewing machines.
  • Asking God to raise up another Nigerian woman to lead this class of widows (they are blamed for their husband’s death in this culture and it is hard for them to support themselves).
  • Pray that these women will keep taking steps forward.

Bob & Sandy – USA, Leadership Development

  • Just started a new online course with 175 students in 22 countries!
  • Their co-worker has begun cancer treatments for lymphoma, but has continued his work with the online courses to help take his mind off the pain and to feel productive. Pray for healing.
  • Another co-worker has learned his prostate cancer has returned, but none of the public hospitals have machines that are functioning, and the private hospitals require payments up front. Pray for healing, and for available treatment.

Shalom & Sheri – USA, Leadership Development

  • They are both struggling with back/neck issues, having gone to ER and urgent care, along with therapy 2-3 times a week for Sheri. They also need someone to watch their 3-year-old while Sheri goes to appointments.
  • Shalom still working on EMI’s new website and materials for the EMI conference. Pray for creative energy & refreshment in the midst of difficult family issues.
  • Eliana started preschool. Pray for good transition and good friends.
  • They need to buy a house and a car, as well as apply for Shalom’s US citizenship. Illnesses have made for slow progress.

Dave & Flora – USA, Leadership Development

  • Recently returned from a 2-week trip with great stories from South Africa.
  • Pray for the Zulu and Xhosa TWR Women of Hope teams as they translate and produce programs for their own people.
  • Pray for strength and courage for the women of South Africa to tell their stories of hope to others and glorify their heavenly Father through His work in their lives.
  • Praise God for speaking hope into the lives of women of South Africa, especially through tragedy and trials of life.

Chad & Laurie – USA, Community Worker

  • Pray for the Refuge Chapel, that folks will come in and hear the truth.
  • Chad is now driving a truck part time. May that open even more doors as he relates with those he ministers to.
  • This November he and Laurie celebrate 20 years of marriage.

Joel & Carla – USA, Church Planting

  • Another shift in direction towards helping on the reservations. Pray this new connection opens a door into other work on the reservation.
  • Starting over again where everything is new. Pray for good transitions and God’s leading.
  • Thanking God for encouraging neighbors, pastor & wife, and ministry partners.

Jon & Kris – USA, Church Planting

  • Hurricane Harvey impact allowed Jon and a team to go deep into some neighborhoods to repair homes. This has led to some God moments.
  • Jon was exposed to some E. coli bacteria that kept him sick for many days, but he is better now.
  • The woman who lives with them is getting closer to accepting Jesus as she listens to the Bible times the family does together and asks lots of questions. Pray for her salvation.
  • A Lowell team came to help repair some homes. This was a wonderful help!

Shaun – USA, At-Risk Youth

  • Led two camps this summer and saw youth who have never learned about God before feel His presence and experience His love for the first time.
  • He has moved in with some other guys with the intent to lead them in discipleship on a daily basis.
  • At 87% support! Not far from being able to quit his part time job to be full time with YFC and Take Hold Church.