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Calvary Church GR

Current Missions Prayer Requests


Dave & Laura, Administration/Support

  • On home assignment, thanking churches and supporters for holding them up in their work
  • In August they learned that the women who had been trained vocationally all passed their tests, 2 of them in the top 5 in the state! Each was given an internationally recognized certificate, and a sewing machine. Pray they receive work, and have opportunity to share Christ through that work
  • They return to the field in January and will have new teammates when they arrive

Jeremy & Joy, Church Planting

  • This is the dry season, bringing the nomads back to their area. Since these folks have never heard the gospel before, are under spiritual oppression, and are broken and blind to the truth, Jeremy & Joy desire to bathe their interaction with them in prayer, they ask us to join them in prayer for these people

Jason & Jamie, Church Planting

  • Currently on home assignment, Jason doing some training, recruiting, and more medical training, and presenting at conferences
  • They are also meeting with partner churches, casting vision for the work, hoping to gain others who will join them in the work
  • Pray for rest in between all the activity of being home


JP & Stephanie, Church Planting

  • Having lots of opportunity for one-on-one discipleship, including a neighbor who is close to accepting Jesus. Pray for these opportunities to see the gospel proclaimed
  • They continue with community events like English as a Second Language, music, and a community festival, with the hope the people will see they aren’t just there to make converts but to care for the community.
  • Pray that these events will lead to gospel sharing and hearts that accept Christ

Roy & Jennifer, Church Planting

  • They’ve attended 3 conferences recently, and are encouraged by all that God is doing in the world. Of the 840 attendees at one conference, a quarter of them were Muslim background believers!
  • This is the time of year to gear up for Christmas programs; pray for softened hearts, and effectiveness
  • Several friends have health issues


Andy & Kathleen, Church Planting

  • Their trip to Trinidad and Tobago went very well with 80 attending as Andy taught
  • They are training men to prepare to take over all the work that Andy has been doing for when the time comes for him to “pass the baton” of his ministry. Pray for Steve & Alex, and the others they are training
  • Gearing up for all the Christmas productions and outreach for this coming season


Peggy, Leadership Development

  • The Disciple Nations Alliance Conference where she was one of the speakers went well
  • She traveled to Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya from Oct. 25th- Nov. 10th. learning how ministries in those countries are applying Biblical principles in different situations
  • October 25th was the anniversary of her husband’s passing.

Dan & Gayle, Children & Youth

  • Praise for a great State Conference
  • Pray for new Good News Clubs to begin in schools around the state, and that children will be drawn to attend. Especially pray for the Detroit area where there is a large Muslim population
  • CEF is transitioning to a new payroll system. Pray for that to be smooth
  • Their granddaughter has moved in with them to be closer to College

Chad & Laurie, Church Planting

  • Their daughter had surgery at the end of November; pray for a complete and full recovery
  • Pray for the Refuge Chapel, that truckers will come in and hear the truth
  • Chad is now driving a truck part time. May that open even more doors as he relates with those he ministers to

Joel & Carla, Church Planting

  • They are making good connections with the community – in the schools, at a local gym – and building relationships
  • Carla is working with a small Charter-like school that teaches mostly Native American children, helping with their preschool program
  • Joel has started his own non-profit to teach predator prevention, hoping this will also open doors to share the gospel
  • He is also training 2 pastors in the Discovery Bible method in order to equip them to reach out for Christ

Jon & Kris, Church Planting

  • They are praising God for a great year of ministry with 11 Muslims accepting Christ and being discipled
  • Jon is looking forward to another trip in January to witness and minister to the Rohingya where they hope to reconnect with those from his trip this past June and teach them in church formation.
  • Continue to pray for Kris’s health and the three boys as they grow in Christ