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Calvary Church GR

Current Missions Prayer Requests


David & Laura - Church Planting

  • Pray the fear that prevents individuals from accepting Christ would be overcome.
  • Ramadan is next month. Pray Jesus opens eyes to see the truth.
  • As the hot months approach, pray that the kids finish school well.
  • Pray that everyone will have grace for each other and life to go smoothly during the heat.

 Jeremy & Joy -

  • Pray for a homeschool or childcare helper to give more time to both Jeremy and Joy to expand ministry.
  • Praise God that camping with the Nomads is creating more opportunities for ministry.
  • Jeremy has a conference in May and would appreciate prayers for travel and time there.
  • The hot season is upon them and they would appreciate prayer for good health during it.

Lucky & Sonnet - Church Planting

  • Continue to pray for emotional healing from the deaths they have walked through this year.
  • Pray for endurance for Lucky as he is caring for the churches.
  • Pray for Sonnet as she longs to have her eldest at home but is physically and emotionally not able to homeschool both boys yet.


Zac & Leigh - Church Planting

  • Pray for their kids beginning orthodontic treatment and for the extra travel to Jakarta for their appointments.
  • Praise that their classes are being well attended. Pray God opens doors in their lives.
  • Praise that though local friends are sick with Malaria, God continues to protect their family.

Jake & Sara - Church planting

  • Jake continues to preach until they leave for Michigan and Sara has 6 weeks left of teaching.
  • Praise that Bruce and Debbie got to visit them last month!
  • Jake got to attend a Blessed 2 Bless conference where he was able to network.
  • Praise for special time between Jake and his son hiking to the falls to celebrate his 10th birthday.
  • Pray for travel safety for flight to Java for swim meet.


Ken & Rhonda

  • Praise for the two-week Bible training Ken had with 11 Iranians.
  • Pray for US Pastor, Andrew, who is being tried falsely for the crime of trying to overthrow the government.
  • Women are beginning to come and learn the Bible. Pray for Rhonda as she leads them.


JP & Stephanie - Church Planting

  • For Thomas who JP has been sharing testimony with.
  • For Jimmy at church who is asking questions about God, reading the Bible, and desiring to grow in his faith.
  • For their home assignment in Grand Rapids from June 26-July 27. Pray for their music outreach. 

Roy & Jennifer - Church Planting

  • A Lebanese evangelist is coming in April, so there are various projects to do with him.
  • Pray for God to open Oumar’s heart.
  • Pray for the refugees: Malik, Abdulai, Mohamed, Mohamed, Mohamed and another Mohamed.
  • Pray for wisdom in sharing Jesus with the refugees.

Josh & Julie - church planting

  • Josh continues to meet with foreigners from all over the world at the refugee center.
  • Pray for Elyana as her friend at school has asked what the Bible is. Pray for opportunities to have spiritual conversations.


Andy & Kathleen - Church Planting

  • Pray as their daughter is adopting a family from an orphanage where Hindus have great influence. They would appreciate prayer as they purchase more land for the ABC Camp ministry location.
  • There is a team from Minnesota conducting a pastors and men in ministry retreat.
  • Pray for the retreat led by Dr. Gerhard deBock teaching pastors at BBI next month.

Mike & Cher – Admin/Support

  • Two boys traveled over two hours to buy New Testaments in their native language, Ese Ejja. Pray that the people of their village grow in faith.
  • Cher is teaching ladies how to read a couple times a week.
  • Mike is assisting a missionary who beginning a ministry to provide prosthetics to amputees.


Peggy - Admin/Support

  • In August, her home church is sending a team to work with libraries in Indonesia.
  • Pray for the preparation of the team to go as well as for growing friendships.
  • She is facilitating an online class in woldview called, Coram Deo.
  • Pray that everyone who attends is able to apply it to their own ministry country and their context.

Tom & Karen - Church Planting

  • They recently changed agencies but not their mission work.
  • Pray for Tom as he strives to be a spiritual resource within the community.
  • They are leading a marriage study and were asked to help ex-substance abusers transition back into community without falling back into cycle.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment in how to direct spiritual conversations. Also forhow to confront conversations that elevate evil spirits.

Bob & Sandy - Leadership Development

  • Pray for more ministry workers with Bible training and fluency in Spanish.
  • Praise God for the millions using their online classes. Pray for continued growth.
  • Both of their national workers have had their cancers return. Pray for treatments and healing.
  • Pray for Bob to have the stamina and strength to carry the added workload.

David & Sonja

  • They received visas to travel with the family to a Central Asian nation they’ve not been to for eleven years. Pray as they plan, connect with friends, and travel.
  • Dave had a successful back surgery! Pray for God to provide the finances to meet the cost. A Rohingya man needs surgery or he will die. Dave has a friend in that country who will do the surgery for around $1,000. Pray that God provides the money. 

Shalom & Sheri - Admin/support

  • Shalom’s first citizenship meeting went well. Pray it all goes through. Pray for them as they try to buy a house and that God leads them to the right one.
  • Sheri’s health went down again. Pray the doctors discern what to do for her.

Joanna -Admin/Support

  • She is in Russia now for the Baskets of Hope distribution in the orphanages.
  • The authorities are now saying that she will not be able to do the camp this summer. Pray! Joanna has taken a new position with TeachBeyond in St. Petersburg, Russia to teach 5th grade and assist the local church.

Chad & Laurie - Church Planting

  • Pray for Rick, a driver who came into the chapel asking for prayer to stay off of drugs. Pray for Ray, a driver who had shoulder surgery and insurance is not going to pay for the surgery.
  • On Tuesday, April 24, there will be a fundraising banquet. Pray for the evening.
  • Praise to God for Jim, a driver, accepting Christ.

Joel & Carla - Church Planting

  • Pray that God will bless Joel’s work at the training center and Carla’s relationships at the school.
  • Pray that God opens doors to allow Joel to speak and do programming at the school.
  • Keep their children in your prayers and pray that they make good friends.

Jon & Kris- Church Planting

  • Pray for their move to the Midwest in the end of May.
  • They are still waiting on funds to move. Pray for God to provide for all of the details.
  • Praise for the work that was accomplished through Calvary team and a High school team sharing the gospel door to door.
  • Many of Jon’s encounters lead others to profess Jesus as Lord. Pray for those who accept Christ to grow in faith.