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Calvary Church GR

Current Missions Prayer Requests


Dan & Teresa - Leadership Development

  • They are on home assignment and meeting with supporters.
  • Teresa is visiting California for training in Simply the Story.
  • Dan is visiting Oregon to meet with supporters & family.
  • Pray God gives them direction for their next steps.

Lucky & Sonnet - Church Planting

  • They are struggling with the death of their 4-year-old son and the anniversary of his birthday.
  • Oppression is strong and making ministry exhausting.
  • Pray for guidance if they should come to the states for refreshment and healing.


Zac & Leigh - Church Planting

  • Pray that friendships would grow and new ones be formed.
  • Leigh is starting her ESL class and Zac is working with the kids on the basketball court.
  • Pray for safe travels and meaningful fellowship as their pastor and wife join them briefly.

Keith & Grace - Church Planting

  • Asking for God to provide an excellent translation team for the Tamil project.
  • Pray for protection in traveling all over India.
  • That they have wisdom, understanding, trust and love as they dive into translating Psalms.
  • That their time be filled with teachable moments, significant training, and good conversations.
  • Pray that Government registration is expedited for the project.

Jake & Sara - Church planting

  • Pray that they are able to obtain long term visas soon.
  • Currently their visa only allows 30 days at a time making them travel constantly.
  • Praise that Singapore was a vacation after all the work leading up to Christmas.
  • Their summer plans are to take a short furlough and return in time for school in Indonesia.


Ken & Rhonda - Leadership Development

  • Their visa crisis has been resolved!
  • In spite of awful weather, 400 attended the Christmas outreach that included unbelievers!
  • Pray for the refugees who received gifts from the local church.
  • Ken is traveling to train leadership while Rhonda is teaching how to lead Children in the Bible.
  • Pray for them as they are losing team members headed to another area and will miss their contribution.


JP & Stephanie - Church Planting

  • Pray for those who heard about the meaning of Christmas for the first time!
  • They have modified the church service to increase participation from people attending.
  • They started a music ministry as a way to go to unchurched areas and establishments with the gospel.

Roy & Jennifer - Church Planting

  • Pray for the many unbelievers at the Christmas Eve service.
  • They are returning to the states on furlough in August. Pray for the details of finding a car, housing, dates, etc.
  • Pray for the continuing refugee work among the Muslims.

Jonathan & Becky - church planting

  • Becky has new role as librarian at the Bible Institute.
  • Pray for the growth students at the Bible Institute, a new director for the school come summer, and God's clear leading both with the staff and students.
  • Next summer a referendum is to be held regarding whether abortion will be legalized in the country.
  • Their son, Evan, to struggling with being back in the country.
  • Their son, Caleb, needs a visa and funds for semester abroad with Wycliff Bible Translators.

Josh & Julie - Admin/Support

  • They included a ‘mean girl’ from school to a party and now she has transformed into a friend.
  • New friendships are allowing more doors to be opened in the neighborhood.
  • Pray as they make the Savior known in Europe.


Andy & Carmen - Church Planting

  • The building project is almost complete which will facilitate the educational, vocational, and medical programs.
  • The egg program is in three schools now, but they hope to expand to twelve schools this year.
  • Things are a better since the election but they are concerned that more strikes will come.

Cheryl Eberline - Leadership Development

  • She is retiring after forty-two years in the field because of Jim’s passing this year.
  • She is grateful for the years God used them in the world, and is looking forward to how God will continue to use her in retirement.

Andy & Kathleen - Church Planting

  • The first mission team arrives on the 25th to assist in the church and Bible Institute renovation project.
  • In February 2, a group of men will come to teach Proverbs at the Bible institute and help with the renovation.
  • In March 4-8 a large dental team will arrive to minister to the local people which will effect hundreds.

Steve Jr. & Nara - Children & Youth

  • In eleven weeks of camp, they saw a 135 saved, and 473 rededications with more than 5,500 participating!
  • They were on the road for 8 months where 56,000 people heard the gospel and 1,033 people accepted salvation at churches, school, hospitals, prisons, and rehab centers.
  • Pray that those who accepted salvation would be “Good soil” and continue to grow in their faith.

Mike & Cher - Admin/Support

  • Slowly, they are seeing Ese Ejja receive Christ as savior, including at the Christmas Eve service.
  • A brother in Christ died unexpectedly. Pray for his family. Some believed he was a victim of witchcraft causing people to fear becoming Christians. Mike gave an evangelistic funeral message that was heard with intent by all who came. Pray they would have courage to accept Jesus.

Frank & Judy – Youth

  • Frank can no longer drive due to vision impairment and they need to find an automatic car that Judy can drive.
  • Automatic cars are rare where they live and are costly.
  • The copyrights on Judy’s book have been granted in English and Portuguese.
  • Pray that God provides a publisher and distributor for the book.


Tom & Karen - Church Planting

  • Study circles are being led by both Tom and Karen.
  • Pray for wisdom for Karen as she councils a woman even though that is not her training.
  • A student in one of their study circles was physically attacked to the point of having brain damage.
  • The natives are not allowing them to have their Day Clubs, although one community leader asked Tom to start a study on Love & Respect that is going well.

Crooks- Leadership Development

  • They are reaching immigrants from over thirty different countries.
  • A visit to Toronto revealed that fifty percent of population are foreign, don’t speak English, and don’t know God.
  • Pray for support because it has dropped since moving ministry.

Daniel - Children & Youth

  • Pray for the children attending Winterblast in February 9-11.
  • They have building projects and need prayer for the funds and safe construction.
  • Pray for his personal support to increase.

Shalom & Sheri - Leadership Development

  • They are both struggling with back/neck issues and have visited urgent care along with physical therapy.
  • Pray that someone can watch their 3-year-old while Sheri goes to therapy appointments.
  • They are feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and spiritually depleted.
  • Shalom still working on EMI’s new website. Pray for creative energy in the midst of difficult family issues.

Joanna -Admin/Support

  • She lead the team in Russian, translated, and taught while enduring a severe cold.
  • Pray for the hearts of the children and teachers who heard the gospel.
  • In February, she will be heading to Israel with Pastor Samra and the Calvary team.

David & Flora - Admin/support

  • David is heading for Africa later this month to train others in ministry.
  • Pray for final negotiations for the licensing of a new transmitter to reach all of West Africa with the gospel.
  • Three days before Christmas there was a fire at the TWR headquarters. Pray for the construction project and praise God that nothing important was lost.

Jon & Kris- Church Planting

  • They are grateful to the churches who supported his trip abroad.
  • Pray they will find people committed to winning others for Christ.
  • Pray for good health for Kris’ and the boys while he is gone.

Shaun Weldon – Youth

  • It is very hard to get youth to trust, but 32 attended the Thanksgiving party.
  • Praise God that one young man who was suicidal, has been transformed by Christ.
  • The discipleship house has started a ministry school with Youth for Christ & Take Hold Church.
  • He is 90% supported and is praising God.

Bruce - Care and Support

  • He will be leaving to attend the Central Asia Consultation in February.