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Calvary Church GR


At Calvary, our worship services are band led, but more traditional elements such as choir and orchestra are also embraced to add balance to our corporate worship. As we focus our hearts on God each week, we sing new songs and favorite hymns; watch original videos and listen to stories of changed lives. We strive to be both biblical and relevant in our approach to worship and the study of God’s word.


2016-2017 Series in Romans

This teaching series is on the New Testament book of Romans. In Romans we see that faith is the key to life. Not just eternal life, but all life. When we view the world through the eyes of faith we see and understand that which we could not. God has hidden himself and his truth from the world, but it is accessible through the revelation that he has given to us when we receive it by faith. That faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

Romans is the revelation of God designed to help us see the world rightly. That is why the just live by faith. We cannot understand many things - sin, law, Spirit, flesh, God's love for us, sacrifice - apart from faith. Thus God is revealing truth to us about these things, in the book of Romans, so that we may understand by faith.

The Living by Faith series is in many ways a combination of the Every Step Counts: A Journey of Faith and Courage to Obey series. When we leave with God on a journey of faith, he reveals himself to us in new ways, asking us to obey. As we are journeying, he explains to us who he is, how life works, and what is expected of us - reorienting our thinking around his truth as opposed to what we have come think on our own. Romans contains essential teachings about God and this world, teachings he wants us to have in order that he might bring about in us true and full obedience. That through this obedience we might become living sacrifices individually and corporately.


Original Music

Over the past few years, a few original songs that went along with our sermon series have been a blessing to many. We're happy to provide some here and pray that they continue to be a blessing!

Undivided Heart (by Jerroll Lehman)
-- From our 2012-2013 series on 1 & 2 Samuel called "Undivided"

Life Together (by Jerroll Lehman)
-- From our 2011-2012 series on Ephesians called "Life Together"

Beautiful Lord (by Jerroll Lehman)
-- From our 2010-2011 series on John called "A Beautiful Life"

Make Me Like Christ (by Jerroll Lehman)
-- From our 2009-2010 series on 1 Corinthians called "Think, Love, Live Like Christ"