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Good News from Mozambique

Posted by Celeste McDonough on

For over a decade, Calvary Church has worked to see God bring spiritual, physical, and economic transformation to people in the village of Chinhangane, Mozambique. Here is some great news from our partners there:

The Chinhangane agricultural association has consistently been one of the poorer performers of all the five villages that World Relief works with in southern Mozambique. The temptation was strong to give up on them. Several meetings with the group of farmers sharing the fields were held over the last four years with almost no sign of improvement. Sub-groups exist, pulling in opposite directions, and the democratically chosen leadership of the association has been weak at best. There was consistent underperformance and neglect of their fields.

Tomato Field in Previous Years

Both the World Relief staff facilitating these agricultural associations and the Calvary Church Mozambique Advisory Team were really at the end of their own resources to help the association improve, and they realized that only God can change hearts and attitudes. At the last meeting World Relief had with the Chinhangane association in August 2014, they showed what other associations were able to achieve and how they compared. They also discussed the goal of the church as we find it in Ephesian 4, to have all come to the maturity of Christ. Nevertheless, the World Relief staff left the meeting thinking that it probably would have the same outcome as all the previous meetings with little lasting fruit.

To their astonishment, a few months later at the end of November and early December, Chinhangane’s field was the best of all the villages with almost no weeds, with healthy tomato plants stacked up neatly in their rows. Not a single row showed signs of neglect. The association’s members’ attitude was also different with new spirit of cooperation, unity and pride in what they had accomplished.

Tomato Field December 2014

They were still harvesting tomatoes at the time this report was written and will likely continue for another 2-3 months but 90% of the members had already made enough to pay back the input cost for the crop. Nothing short of a miracle happened when their fields were by far the best in all aspects.

Dr. Pieter, our World Relief contact, added in a cover e-mail that “all the prayers from Calvary are making a difference.” Thank you, Calvary Church, for your long term commitment to the village of Chinhangane, Mozambique, and for your faith that God can change hearts and lives, with impact even in agricultural work.

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