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Missions & Outreach Blog - How can Jesus love me, when Christians hate me?

How can Jesus love me, when Christians hate me?

Posted by Celeste McDonough on

As Americans, the whole world is watching us. Sometimes our nation’s political climate makes a bigger impact on the work of missions around the world than we can ever imagine.

Just last week, I received a letter with the following comments from a friend serving in the Muslim world:

“What has been affecting us the most is news coming from the US about people mistreating Muslims, and more recently Donald Trump's latest statement [about excluding all Muslims coming into the country]. All of our friends consider America to be a Christian nation, and so we are constantly being asked why Christians hate Muslims so much. Today my teacher asked how could Jesus love her, when most Christians (i.e. Americans) hate her? Especially during this time of Christmas, we have a unique opportunity to share our faith. However, as the more news pops out from America about abuse against Muslims, our friends and neighbors just assume that we are 'extra spiritual' Christians but that the average Christian hates them.”

This Christmas, let’s ask ourselves: “Did Jesus come for Muslims, too?” Let’s pray for those who work to spread the Good News of Immanuel – God with Us – among them. May we be people who model the love of Christ for the world to see.

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