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Missions and Outreach at Calvary Church

Posted by Celeste McDonough on

Change is all around us! Not only is Calvary Church preparing for major changes through the Grace Beyond building project, we also have this new, much-improved website. As part of this new website, I’m excited to be able to write a missions and outreach blog that will make communicating with you much easier. The benefit for you: You’ll be able to see more updates on many aspects of how God is using Calvary Church in his plans for our city and for the nations. If you want to stay in touch this way, please bookmark this site or add it to your favorites to return to at your convenience. Or, if you use an RSS feed, you can subscribe via RSS so you’ll never miss a post.

Here are some upcoming dates I want you to be aware of:

  • Make sure you save the dates of March 14-16 for Calvary’s annual missions conference. Watch for the March Calvary Life for more details. Our keynote speaker on Sunday morning will be Matt H., a Calvary partner who travels into persecuted areas of the world, walking alongside church planters and helping them continue to reach out in difficult circumstances. Matt’s organization is one of this year’s Open Door Project partner ministries.
  • A Missional Apologetics Seminar will be held Saturday, February 21, 1:00-5:00 PM, in the Novi area. One out of every five people in the world claim Islam as their faith, yet most Christians know very little about Islamic teachings including this subject what Muslims misunderstand about the Bible.  Many depend on the idea that Muhammad was prophesied in the Bible, so Christians must know how to refute this in love and turn the conversation toward the gospel. For more information, e-mail me and I’ll send you details.

I’m looking forward to connecting now on this blog! If there are topics you would like to see more about, let me know or add a comment.


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