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More prayers for the persecuted

Posted by Celeste McDonough on

From India:

Reports of persecution in India increased 55% in the last year — 12 months after an election that ushered in a Hindu nationalist government. Anti-Christian groups have boldly declared their goal of returning India to a purely Hindu nation.  The sharp increase in persecution reports included churches being burned, mass "reconversion" events designed to pressure non-Hindus to return to the faith, harassment during the Christmas holidays, believers being denied access to community well water, and some Christians even being killed in India. Please pray with Mission India (a partner ministry of Calvary Church) for India's elected leaders to take action to uphold their constitution's religious freedom — and for the hastening of that day when our vision of India transformed by Christ is fulfilled.

From Sudan:

Two Christian pastors from South Sudan will be tried in Sudan, beginning on June 15. The trial is expected to last at least 10 days and, if found guilty, they could be executed. They are charged with crimes against the state, including speaking out against the Sudanese government’s treatment of believers.

To bring the matter close to home, one of these men runs an orphanage in Bor, South Sudan, where several Calvary members have visited. On a visit to the area, Dan J trained the staff at the orphanage. Please pray for these men and their families during these difficult next days.

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