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Missions & Outreach Blog - Movie Opportunity & Castillo Update

Movie Opportunity & Castillo Update

Posted by Celeste McDonough on

Greetings Mission-Minded Friends,

I just wanted to pass along a couple of things for you this month:

First, if you are interested in attending the benefit premier showing of The Good Lie, about the Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan, please purchase your tickets online soon. The showing is at 7:00 PM, Thursday, October 23. Theater management has contacted us to let us know that if pre-sales of tickets are not sufficient, they will not bring the movie in at all. For more information, you can go to:

Second, I know that many of you have been praying for Andy and Carmen Castillo, missionaries in Honduras, and especially for their son Ethan who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes this past spring. While the Castillos have been in the US, they have been pursuing getting an insulin pump for Ethan in order to better control his blood sugar levels. I wanted to share with you – in Andy’s own words – the beautiful way that God has met their needs for this device:

“After much prayer, research, training and expecting God to show us His way today we come to the closing of that long but miraculous process that He has gotten us through. To make the story short, we were told that the pump alone would cost around $10,000. Insurance will not cover the pump, but will cover two items of regular supplies (though at the end of the day 1 year worth of supplies will not get us through our deductible for Ethan). This is what God did: He stretched the dollar amount to the maximum. God touched the hearts of dear friends to give a one time gift towards the pump. The gift after administrative fees came to $8,800. With the $8,800 We thought we would purchase AN insulin pump: this is what God did: The pump received a special discount that came down to over 50% of the cost that I was originally told. We could then purchase a second piece of equipment that had a secondary need specially with a pump called a CGM (Constant Glucose Monitor that every five minutes is reading the glucose levels on his body). That piece of equipment also received a good discount that allowed the privilege of purchasing a third piece of equipment that basically is a wireless home monitor that connects (wirelessly) to the CGM and pump and allows us in our room to monitor Ethan by giving us the CGM reading every 5 minutes, and an alarm sounding when it is low or extremely high). This is the moment that tears came out of my eyes as I heard the grand total: $8,772.66. That includes by the way 4 months of supplies (reservoirs, infusion sets, cgm sensors, everything for the pump and cgm to work except for insulin). The balance is: $ 27.34.”

God is so good! Thanks for reading and praising Him with us.

Peace and Joy,