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Missions & Outreach Blog - Update from Central Asia

Update from Central Asia

Posted by Celeste McDonough on

Calvary Church's Open Door Project two years ago (2013-14) was focused on SHARING the word - especially through media and new technologies in Central Asia. I met today with our contact at Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global) who shared about some of the fruit of your gifts.

Our Open Door gift to Reach Beyond was used to help transition poor signal strength radio broadcasts into a completely on-line format, as well as to develop content and programming for these websites. Beyond that, two different smart phone apps were developed - one which targeted non-believing young people and the other seeking to encourage and equip believers in the region.

Here are just some of the stories shared:

  • A Central Asian man held strongly to his Muslim beliefs and got into many intense discussions with users of the internet site maintained by local believers. Through interactions with them, he became a follower of Jesus himself. The man still has passionate discussions, but now he chats with Muslims and leads them to a personal relationship with Jesus, too.
  • One young man made a decision to follow the Lord. At first his parents were extremely anti-Christian. They thought he had joined a sect and had betrayed his family, his faith and his ancestry. In a chat with the local online radio producers on how to deal with his family problems, they advised him, "Do not do aggressive evangelism in your family. Show them how your life has changed, that Christ is the Lord of mercy, the Lord of love and the Lord of blessing." The approach worked! First his father, then one-by-one the rest of his family members, became believers.
  • One pastor said: Recently, many of us were persecuted and threatened by officials. They came to our houses and confiscated all the Bibles we had. We thought that we would not be able to read the Word in our houses anymore until we learned about your website and the section that has Scripture online. There is even an audio version, which we like a lot. Now it is easier to live and learn the Bible.
  • One believer is blind and so did not have access to Christian materials to help him grow. He received an audio Bible and other materials on a flash drive and was so thrilled and inspired, he started a small group with other blind people, using the materials he received to reach others.
  • One online listener said: I'm married and live in a Muslim family. There are hardly any believers in our village. My husband is okay with my Christian background if I do not visit other believers. I'm very glad to have discovered your programs. I can listen all day long with my headphones - when I milk my cows or work in the yard.
  • Another wrote: I love your programs about family and how children grow. We started bringing up our little daughter using topics based on what we heard. It's good you teach us to share and tell our kids about all truths we know about God.

Thank you, Calvary Church, for your generous support toward Sharing the Word - around the world and in our own community. Please remember to pray for those who hear it!

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