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Urgent Prayer Requests

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Greetings, World Christians!

This issue has just a few urgent prayer requests as you head into the holiday weekend:

1. From Amy Richey, missionary in Kiev, Ukraine: On Sunday, May 25, Ukraine will vote to elect a new president. Please pray with us for:
    - Peace throughout Ukraine and the entire region of Eastern Europe
    - God to continue to draw people to himself
    - Protection for all those wishing to vote (including those in Crimea)
    - God's justice to reign
    - Safety for Ukrainians

2. From Linda Crouch, missionary at Kent Academy, Miango, Nigeria: I need your prayers. In Tuesday's bombing in Jos (the larger city just 30 miles from where Linda is), our 2nd grade teacher lost his wife, baby daughter and sister-in-law. This on top of other insecurities around Nigeria and the closing of school for this year in two days makes for a very heavy time for me. I've never felt so bombarded and drained as I am right now . . . fertile ground for the enemy's lies to deceive and defeat. Pray I won't opt for human, natural but inadequate "steadiers" like personality or planning or giftedness or even guts! Nothing can match the anchor-power of God's presence and his promises.

If God leads you to share a powerful scripture promise with Linda at this time, she would be very encouraged. Her e-mail address is

3. Pray for the nation of India as the new president settles into his position. Christie Thompson, of India Rural Evangelical Fellowship, writes: "Narendra Modi of the BJP party has been elected the Prime Minister of India. We now have a hardline Hindu nationalist as the leader of the country. Many are questioning if he will get rid of the corruption and better the country by increasing the economic status of India but most fear that religious tensions will increase more and more with Christians being the main target. Please pray as there will likely be a rise in the anti-conversion laws that were proposed in 2012, which is a proposed bill that Christians will be sent to jail if they do not apply for permission to convert at least one month in advance. So many different scenarios will come but with prayer, we trust that God will reign victorious."

4. Stop by the information desk at church this Sunday - or in coming weeks - to pick up your copy of this year's "30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World" guide. Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting during which Christians' prayers over the past 20 years have been powerfully effective, begins June 28.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend. Here's something to think about: "In our lifetime, wouldn't it be sad if we spent more time washing dishes or swatting flies or mowing the yard or watching television than praying for world missions?" (Dave Davidson, co-author of "God's Great Ambition," 2003, Authentic.)

Peace and Joy,

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