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Missions & Outreach Blog - Volunteers Needed - Artists Creating Together Festival Day

Volunteers Needed - Artists Creating Together Festival Day

Posted by Celeste McDonough on

King’s Table Ministries (KTM) - a partner of Calvary Church - works with special needs students at Lincoln School, 862 Crahen Av NE, Grand Rapids. One way KTM serves is by helping with Festival Day, a special program of Artists Creating Together. Taking place on a Friday each May, Festival Day is a highlight for many students, teachers, and volunteers, when over 2,000 people come together to celebrate all arts and all abilities. Festival Day gives students a chance to share their inner world and make connections with the world around them – providing opportunities for growth, confidence-building, and self-expression. Nearly 100 special needs classrooms from throughout the area - individuals from Kindergarten through adult transition - come to Lincoln Campus each year to experience a series of hands-on art workshops in a variety of art forms as well as a sensory ‘arts arcades’ and other performances, including an opening ceremony. ACT coordinates nearly 25 teaching artists to host workshops and activities throughout the day for students with a variety of abilities.

KTM is recruiting volunteers to help with this fun event on Friday, May 12th, from approximately 8:45 am - 1:45 pm. Volunteers will assist with pushing wheelchairs to various locations on campus. To be part of this exciting day, you can sign up by contacting Cathy Tyska at KTM ( , 616-648-4301).

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