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Calvary Church GR

Current Missions Prayer Requests

May 2019

Ramadan is being celebrated around the world from May 6 - June 5! Pray that God would reveal his Son, Jesus, to those who are praying at this time.



Dan & Teresa - Secure

  • Dan is up-country again for training. He will also stop to meet the commissioner and the governor about their belongings.
  • Teresa is enjoying her work, collecting reports from all the field locations, and letting people know what is going on in ministry.
  • She is also subbing at the local mission school for a history teacher who is on leave.



Zac & Leigh - Indonesia

  • Back in the states for a time. They’ve been blessed with housing, car, and all other needs while here.
  • They are getting to do an Alongside 3 week retreat for the whole family to be ministered to. Had their visas not forced them home so soon, they would not have had that blessing!

Keith & Grace - Philippines

  • Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, was hit by cyclone Fani, on 5/3. 15 million have been evacuate. Please pray for recovery, along with all the other situations destruction brings.
  • Many on the translation teams have also been affected by this. Pray!

Tanner & Kelsey - Secure

  • Baby arrived, and all is well for both mom and son. Pray as they travel to get the babies visas.
  • Their faith family have come around them to help with meals and caring for the family.
  • Pray for wisdom on how to share Christ during Ramadan season.
  • Praise that Tanner has obtained an ID card that should allow him to start his business ventures.

Ken & Rhonda- Secure

  • Ken is having opportunities to teach on Christian marriage.
  • He also has two more teachings this month on Romans and on
  • The children’s camps are expanding to other regions.
  • He also oversees 6 ministry teams and needs wisdom from God to direct His way.
  • Have already received their new permits. Praise to God!



Joanna - Russia

  • A new roommate has joined them. Pray for that transition, and for good communication.
  • There have been many staff changes, and new negotiations for the lease. Pray!
  • Next school year she will go from teaching middle school to all of 6-12 grade English.
  • Pray for the orphanage kids to come to know Jesus as Savior, especially for Vicka, Alyssa, & Sasha.

Dwight & Melissa - Romania

  • Dwight’s dad, a man of God and greatly loved, passed away April 29th.
  • Heading back to Romania. Pray for the family as they transition back.
  • Wisdom for raising their children to love the Lord wholeheartedly.
  • For support for the continued ministry there.

Roy & Jennifer - France

  • Pray for Refugees and all M*slim’s who are celebrating Ramadan to win favor with God, that eyes would be opened to truth.
  • For the MBB in Grenoble to pray for their unsaved family and share Christ with them at this time.
  • For Roy and Jennifer as they travel out west.

Josh & Julie - France

  • They had taken in a man who had to flee because of his faith, but now this man has since found housing.
  • Praise that his love for God is contagious!
  • He got to worship freely at their church for the first time ever with other believers.
  • He found a lawyer with integrity and sensitivity to his situation to be able to remain in France.



Andy & Carmen - Honduras

  • Operation Christmas Child had 345,000 shoe boxes that went to as many children, with 242,000 of them doing the continuing discipleship program! Pray!
  • They now have 8 CAFFIN staff. Pray for them to use this opportunity to share the gospel daily.
  • Pray that all the other outreaches they are doing would yield fruit for the kingdom!
  • Oldest son is going to Cornerstone this coming year. Pray for the other two in school, and Ethan’s health as he battle diabetes.

Andy & Kathleen - Guyana

  • They work among Hindu’s who live in fear. Pray that the gospel will penetrate the darkness.
  • As the enemy attacks Christians, please pray as many marriages are struggling.
  • Pray for the pastors who are on the frontlines of battle with the Association of Bible churches.
  • Praise that the Alness church reconstruction project is moving along at a good pace.
  • Pray for Andy as he is teaching a homiletics class this May, continues with the TV broadcasts, and for his work on many other projects.

Mike & Cher - Bolivia

  • 7 Esa Ejja churches are facing huge challenges. Pray they can be salt and light.
  • Pray that other villages who have heard the word would respond in faith and not good works.
  • Flooding destroyed most of the banana crop for the year. Pray that people will have faith to trust God for all their needs.
  • In Villa Nueva, earl adult is a new believer. Pray they mature in faith.
  • Chani, a believer, suffered a recent stroke and needs God’s healing hand.



Tom & Karen - Canada

  • Pray for the Faith Circle at Shawanaga, which has been continuing these last 3 years, that it would open other opportunities. This is showing to be the best way to reach the natives of Canada.
  • A new Faith Circle and a Family fun night have grown from it!
  • Pray for another Faith Circle that may start, though the woman who would start it, is struggling.

Dave & Sonja - Secure

  • Pray for wisdom as Dave goes all over the world to assess projects and needs that help the churches with outreach in difficult countries.
  • For Sonja and the kids left behind when he travels.
  • For Dave’s safety in these travels.
  • And as they juggle the kids, weddings/graduations, his travel, decision making, health, and finances

Chad & Laurie - USA

  • Praise that their fundraiser for TFC, where Chad is the chaplain, gained $27,000!
  • Chad’s dad has been diagnosed with cancer. Pray!
  • Praise that their oldest daughter is doing well and is graduating high school.

Jon & Kris - USA

  • Continuing to go door to door in immigrant neighborhoods to ask them to pray with him. Seeing God do great things! So many stories of His move among the nations.
  • Kris is now pain free enough to join Jon in reaching out to M*slim women.
  • Praise for how well the children are doing in GR, having friends at school, family close by, and a good church.