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Calvary Church GR

Current Missions Prayer Requests

February 2019


Jeremy and Joy – Secure location:

  • In the US visiting supporters until October
  • Joy’s health as she is expecting their third child late this summer
  • For a veterinarian to join their team reaching out to nomads near the Sahara Desert
  • For the people with whom they have shared to read materials and be transformed

Dan and Teresa – Secure location:

  • Teresa is in the US for a couple of months for family needs and to visit supporters of their partner organization, ACROSS
  • Dan speaking at a conference in Tanzania, developing a street children project in their city, and organizing a dental clinic
  • Teresa’s health as she deals with severe joint pain lingering from a virus last fall
  • Logistics for a Simply the Story training in a neighboring nation Teresa will do later this spring


Brad and Sara – Secure location:

  • Comfort for the whole family on the death of Brad’s mom last month, especially Brad’s dad
  • A national friend who needs spiritual and physical healing
  • Nationals who were trained in November to be bold in sharing in their home locations
  • That God will build community among the isolated, persecuted believers
  • Hosting a conference in Ohio to raise awareness for their field, March 31-April 4

Marlene – Papua New Guinea:

  • Praises that, after two years of waiting, she is able to return
  • Preparations for new work using music lessons among youth in Port Moresby
  • For settling in well and finding suitable long term housing

Tanner and Kelsey – Secure location:

  • Kelsey’s health as baby #2 is due on Easter
  • Three-year old daughter has been sick a lot lately; the air pollution in their city is quite bad
  • For development of a business plan for aquaponics and for God to identify a national business partner

Ken and Rhonda – Secure location:

  • Praise for successful social media outreach; pray for protection for new believers
  • Doing a class on relationships before marriage
  • Began a Q&A radio program which is already having great influence
  • Need a 2-year visa extension
  • Rhonda’s recovery from medical procedures and stomach problems


Joanna – Russia:

  • Wisdom for pointing her students to Christ
  • Continued healing from recent medical procedure
  • Wisdom in developing outreach plans for summer vacation time

Roy and Jennifer – France:

  • In the US visiting churches and supporters
  • Praise for ongoing outreach by those Roy has discipled


Dwight and Melissa – Romania:

  • Praise that the team in their city is seeing many come to Christ for the first time
  • Praise for the discipleship that is happening in their city and across Romania
  • For two believers who will leave later this year as global workers to Africa




Andy and Kathleen – Guyana:

  • Hosting many teams and work groups
  • For health and safety for Guyanese and visitors doing construction on various projects
  • Continued healing for Andy’s knee after surgery


Mike and Cher – Bolivia:

  • Teammates Jenny and Silvana to learn language better
  • Praise for the growth of the Ese Ejja church, with over 100 new believers in 2018
  • The community faced many tragedies, but at least 12 of those who died had chosen to follow Jesus


Terry and Helen – Mexico:

  • Funds and people needed for the Christmas choral outreach
  • That their interaction with their community around piano, English and baking lessons leads to a new church plant
  • Training of teachers and counselors for summer outreach music camp
  • Smooth transition as their sending agency merges with another one




Peggy – USA, traveling globally:

  • Successful training in Southeast Asia to combat human trafficking

David and Sonja – Secure:

  • Dave’s travels to start projects in support of national outreach
  • Sonja and the children at home while he is gone
  • Needed support to provide for this work

Amy – USA, traveling globally:

  • Relationships with workers and nationals she meets in traveling to be built, partnerships that empower these people to see God change lives
  • Wisdom in her responsibilities leading the Global Equipping division

Chad and Laurie – USA, West Michigan:

  • Healing for daughter’s shoulder after 3rd surgery
  • Chad’s faithfulness in sharing the truth with truck drivers and others who visit his chapel or who he meets in his own truck-driving role

Jon and Kris – USA, West Michigan:

  • Praise for God’s answers in health for Kris and a car
  • Jon traveling to South Asia in March for church planting and outreach
  • More groups within Michigan to reach out to those from unreached groups who live right here