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24-Hour Prayer Vigil

Join our young adults in a 24-hour prayer vigil starting at 7:00pm Friday, December 14 and ending at 7:00pm on Saturday, December 15. We will be praying for Christmas at Calvary, for various ministries, and for the initiative to have everyone at Calvary commit to praying through the 2019 calendar year with one of the two dozen Prayer Groups. 

Please register in advance to spend a minimum of 30 minutes praying, preferably in the Prayer Garden. Prayer guides will be provided.

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Prayer Groups

Affordable Housing Ministry Prayer
Twice Monthly Emails
Contact: Beth Keim ( )

Pray for volunteers as they renovate mobile homes for families without housing. Pray for family to receive home.

Meets Monthly (see for dates)
Contact: Susan Sorensen ( )

Gather for inspiration and prayer as we take steps of faith into our neighborhoods, workplaces, families and friend groups with outreach Bible Studies.

Boiler Room Prayer
Sundays | 8:50-11:50am | Rm 222 (Behind Sanctuary)
Contact: Cindy Marrell ( ) at ext. 5098

Pray over every aspect of the service as the Holy Spirit leads, assisted by a request sheet composed by staff. Open to all, come and go as able.


Elder Prayer
First Tuesday | 6:15-7:15pm  
Contact: Cindy Marrell ( ) at ext. 5997

The elders meet to pray over individuals in the Chapel area. You are welcome to come unannounced, but it is helpful to contact Cindy at ext. 5997 to so she can put you on the schedule.

Elder Prayer Support
First Tuesday | 6:15-8:00pm  
Contact: Cindy Marrell ( ) at ext. 5997

Pray for the elders and women who pray over individuals coming for healing prayer. Please contact Cindy prior to attending.

Elementary School Prayer Group
Sundays | 8:30am | Rm 140 – Volunteers
First Sunday | 8:15am | Rm 140 – Parents & Volunteers  
Contact: Liz Thelen ( )

Parents and volunteers who serve in Elementary receive emailed requests (filtered for confidentiality/sensitivity) for Calvary Kids children and families. Meet as noted above.

Generations at Prayer
Second Wednesday | 11:15am | Room 207 (Sept.-May)
Wednesdays | 6:35-7:45pm | Room 222 (Sept.-May)
Contact:  Lynda Freeman ( )

One of the most important and powerful things we are able to do as grandparents is to pray. Spend time encouraging one another by praying for our grandchildren. Parents welcome.

Intercessors / Prayer Chain
Wednesdays | 6:45-8:00pm | Room 212
Contact: Cindy Marrell ( ) at ext. 5997

Open to anyone interested in praying for Calvary Church, its congregation, pastors, staff, volunteers and programming. Meet weekly to pray over emailed requests. Submit requests to Cindy.

Middle School Ministry Prayer
Third Wednesdays | 6:30-7:00pm | Prayer Room 216  (Sept.-May)
Contact: Vicka Mangione ( )

Parents of middle school students meet to pray for the ministry, leaders, volunteers and students.

Third Monday Missionary Prayer
Third Monday | 11:30am-12:30pm | Room 114
Contact: Missions Office at ext. 5022

Join us to hear updates and pray for our missionaries around the world. Bring your lunch. 


Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Fourth Sunday | 10:15-10:40am | Room 115
Contact: Jane Chamberlain ( )

Pray for our brothers ad sisters around the world who are suffering for their faith. Register for our prayer list and join us between services once a month.


Pastor Jim’s Prayer Partners
Contact: Kristen White ( )

People on this team agree to pray daily for the Samras and for the church. Jim emails out requests throughout the week.

Prayer Room
Sunday Mornings

Intercessors available to pray one on one with individuals after or during Sunday morning services in the Prayer Room.

Prayer Shawl
Second & Fourth Thursdays | 10:00am | Room 215                                                                Second Thursday only during June-August
Contact: Mary Hulst ( )

Pray for recipients as you knit or crochet prayer shawls for those sick, bereaved or in crisis. 


Saturday Night Prayer Team
Saturday Nights
Contact: Amber Koster ( )

Team members pray on their own for a half-hour shift from 8:00pm-8:00am every Saturday night with a minimum one-year commitment. Participants specifically pray for Pastor Jim, his family, and the Sunday services. Prayer guides and the order of service are provided.

Sanctuary Prayer Covering
Sundays | 8:00-8:25am | Sanctuary
Contact: Cindy Marrell ( ) at ext. 5997

Prayer walk through the Sanctuary.

Pre-Service Prayer
Sundays | 8:30-8:50am | Room 255 (West End)
Contact: Arlene Timmer ( )

Come pray with the morning's teaching pastor that God would bless our morning services. All are encouraged to join.


Pastors' Prayer Partners
Sundays | One Service Monthly
Contact: Arlene Timmer ( )

Receive weekly updates from the Pastoral Staff via email or postal mail. Your role is to pray with a team of prayer warriors during one service a month and pray in your own home regularly for their requests.

UNITED: High School Parents Prayer
Second Sunday | 6:00-6:30pm | Prayer Room  (Sept.-May)      Contact: Paula Kerr ( )

Pray through requests given by Josh Karhan, for the ministry as a whole, and for the students. Informal, come and go as needed, no sign up necessary.

Young Adult Prayer
Contact:  Kristin Herbruck ( )

Receive email requests and ways to pray for Calvary's college students, young adults, and engaged & newlyweds. Join us for praying for Calvary's next generation of members and leaders.



Forever Hope Adoption & Foster Care
Twice Monthly
Contact: Sheri Schmidt ( )

Pray for families at Calvary who are adopting, fostering and providing respite care, that we become a more hospitable and merciful church. Requests emailed.

International Ministry
Twice Monthly
Contact: Lou DeGraaf ( )

An email is sent out twice a month to a group who has committed to pray for this ministry primarily serving the Korean community residing in Grand Rapids but also extends to other Internationals living in the area.

Neighbors International
First Week Each Month
Contact: Sonja Yeates ( )

Neighbor’s International is Calvary’s international college student ministry. Join us by receiving specific prayer requests the first week of each month for the students and also Friendship Families.

Prison Ministry
Twice Monthly
Contact: Lou DeGraaf ( )

An email is sent out twice a month to a group who has committed to pray for this ministry.

Refugee Ministry
Contact: Marv Snedeker ( )

An email is sent out twice a month to a group who has committed to pray for this ministry.

Contact: Rebekah Kennedy ( )

Formalizing team to pray for volunteers and needs of various serving opportunities.

Special Needs Ministry
Contact: Judi Warner (

Receive bi-weekly reminders to pray that Calvary Church would be merciful and hospitable. Prayer participants are encouraged to share stories/observations of mercy and hospitality in action.

Widows Ministry
Contact: Katy Lambert ( )

An email is sent out monthly to a group who has committed to pray for this ministry.