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Women Serving as Deacons

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site, and for continuing to engage in the conversation related to women serving in deacon roles at Calvary Church.   

This topic has been under discussion for more than 25 years at Calvary, but in recent years has been considered more seriously.  In 2017, after nearly 18 months of prayer and intensive study, the elders voted unanimously to affirm the biblical basis for women to serve in the office of deacon and began taking steps to explore when and how Calvary might make the necessary changes to allow women to serve in this capacity. 

An essential part of this process has been, and remains, engaging the congregation in a dialogue about this important topic. Selecting women to serve as deacons isn’t something the elders can “just go do” – it requires congregational input, and ultimately a vote to amend the church’s constitution.  Even if it was possible to simply enact this change by vote of the elder board, the elders do not want to take that approach.  Instead they want to involve you in this process and want to see God work in and through all of us.  As a community of believers, we are aligned in mission and in our love for one another. We desire to demonstrate love and grace toward one another in how we approach and handle disputable matters.

In April and May 2018, the Women as Deacons Task Force communicated the elder’s preliminary direction and Jim Samra conducted a series of teachings on the theology and history of women as deacons.  Many of you attended these sessions and it was very clear that God was present and working among us in those sessions.  That said, we know Jim covered a lot of ground, and many of you have questions and may want to engage more deeply in this subject. 

This website is intended to provide valuable information about the direction, some resources to dig in deeper on the subject, our timing and next steps, answers to some frequently asked questions, and ways to continue engaging in the conversation.   

We are grateful for your time and energy as you participate in the discussion on this important topic, and look forward to seeing how God will continue to work in and through us to accomplish his will for us.  If you have additional questions that are not addressed in these resources or would like to talk with someone directly, please contact us at .

Yours in Christ,

Scott Bowman and Bob Bass
Co-Chairs, Women as Deacons Task Force


In this teaching session, Pastor Jim examined key biblical passages on the role of deacons in the church. This was an interactive time of teaching designed to continue the conversation on women serving as deacons. 

Teaching Notes

The church elders believe God is leading Calvary to further explore opening the role of deacons to women. This change would require a congregational vote. We need your engagement as we move forward!

Please be in prayer that God would lead and direct our church. If after viewing this teaching you have questions, we would love to interact with you - contact .

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