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Young Adult Outreach - Camp of the Peaks

Camp of the Peaks

Posted by Mason Sherrill on

Greetings from a joyful but exhausted group of witnesses for Christ! Today we left early in the morning for a one hour drive into the alps where we helped out at a Christian camp, Camp of the Peaks. We spent the morning chopping and splitting wood with axes and splitting mauls, and leveling some dirt and gravel for a future sidewalk, and Kathi even joined some other volunteers that were there to help them prepare rooms for future campers. It was backbreaking labor, but we all had a great time working to the glory of Christ!

Mark (the director of camp) gave us a history and overview of Camp of The Peaks; it was amazing to hear how God has shown His favor and guidance from providing the land to raising up over 500 volunteers to construct some of the buildings over several decades, and God's faithfulness to bring many people into His family through the camp's ministry.

We also spent alone time with The Lord to seek His face and listen to His voice. As we all spread out throughout the camp, in the forest, and by the mountain streams to individually reflect on our time so far it was overwhelming how God met us in the beauty of His creation and His unchanging Word.  

We ended our time in the Alps by going to a peak that overlooked much of the surrounding mountain range (in the area known as "les dex Alpes").  As we approached the precipice our eyes were drawn to a large cross fixed firmly and resolutely into the mountain top. A beautiful reminder that God looks over the sum of all creation and all the earth and declare it is His!

Pray for us as we rest tonight and prepare for more prayer walks and that we'll be invited into homes tomorrow when we hand out the invitations to the Sunday BBQ for the kids in the after school club.