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Young Adult Outreach - Central Asia 2016: A Rest Day

Central Asia 2016: A Rest Day

Posted by Josh DeHaan on

Yesterday morning was a very refreshing and powerful morning. After we had all gotten up we had our morning discussion and all of us had great insights on the passage we were going through; it was a very encouraging time for all of us. After that we had a time of singing songs and that was the first time all of us were together to sing with each other. Right after that we went into a time of petition for our time next week and again that was very powerful. After lunch we planned on going to an orphanage to spend time with the kids there but when we got there the kids were taking a nap so we decided to leave. After we got back into the city we went to the Bazar to do some souvenir shopping. We didn't stay there long but we got to see what the bazar was and went through the meat market for the experience. When we got back to the house we had another time of planning and got everything that we wanted down on paper and organized. After about an hour we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. After dinner we had some free time so the group split up and some of us went back to the house and others went geocaching for the night. By about 10 all of us were back at the house and ready to go to bed. We are very thankful that we were given a day of rest during this week. Its been an incredible time and great things are happening.