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Young Adult Outreach - Central Asia 2016: Camping Supplies by Silas

Central Asia 2016: Camping Supplies by Silas

Posted by Stephen Baab on

We had another wonderful day! It was a bit of a slow day but productive none the less. We needed to go to the bazaar to get some camping supplies so some of us went there while the others pitched in to do various chores and projects that needed to be done around the house. Though there was a language barrier they managed to get everything done and communicate using few words while still forming bonds of friendship across cultures that brought joy to us all. The rest of us went shopping for supplies and though I was skeptical about what we might find, the bazaar proved to be a treasure trove quality gear and equipment. We are incredibly grateful that we are now fully outfitted and ready to camp for much less than we ever thought possible. We know that Dad always gives us what we need but this was truly amazing. We finished another evening with laughter and encouragement as we thought about all that  the day had brought. We are looking forward to going camping next week and are excited to see what Dad will do while we are there.

with love C.A.T