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Young Adult Outreach - Central Asia 2016: Scouting, Teaching, Learning by Kim

Central Asia 2016: Scouting, Teaching, Learning by Kim

Posted by Stephen Baab on

Today we had quite cooler weather and intermittent rain. Part of our group went to scout out the possible camping locations and deal with the logistical realities of being a large group in a remote place. The rest of us had the opportunity to work with a class in an English language school. We provided them a chance to practice their skills in conversational English, and we had the joy of learning more about the wonderful people of this land.

We took advantage of the time between scheduled appointments to walk around the city in prayer. After a delicious lunch of traditional food, we had the blessing of touring a local printing business and talking with the proprietor to learn of the struggles he and his wife have experienced in the development of his business. They have been very involved in the community, and their story was a great encouragement to our group.